Life Of A Part 5 Medical Student- The Stalwart Experience

Hello Medivoice readers, it’s no longer news that the stalwart class are the latest FYBs of IFUMSA. We had interview with some members of the class to have an insight into what part 5 was like, and these are their responses.

Hmmm… Part 5 was quite fun and somewhat stressful. The only issue I had personally was showing up in postings everyday, it was draining. Well, looking back, it was worth it. – KAYBOI

I came into part 5 with information from my seniors that it was a chilled class. Safe to say that I will never believe a word from seniors again. From the calls, to presentations, to clerking, part 5 has its struggles. I think the best thing about Part 5 is that you can focus on one course at a time, unlike the previous classes. All in all, we thank God. I still had fun when I could, stabbed some days of posting to rest, maintained sanity and passed my exams. – TOBI IKUOMOLA

I resumed the part 5 class with the statement “Part 5 is chiller than Part 4”. But, Alas! LMAO…I wonder who even came up with that in the first place..
My First Posting was Mental Health Posting.. I could remember literally panicking the weekend before I was to resume cos I was scared of the whole idea of meeting and getting to clerk psychiatric patients but Mental Health posting turned out to be one of my favorite in 500L. It changed my perception about purge specialty. The Class had a way of getting me involved in patients management. It also made me understand the responsibilities and the sacrifices that comes with this profession.
500L showed shege but God was greater – Evelyn

I enjoyed my postings (except Paediatrics, idk why)…Its easier to read when you pay attention in postings, but I hated the fact that it wasn’t easy to stab!
One day, I wasn’t feeling well, (GENUINELY), I was even asked to go home the previous day, but HOD called me ’cause he felt I was lying, and even wanted to come to my hostel to confirm! Summarily, The back to back stress for 12 months wasn’t it, but I’m glad it’s over! – JOY

It was interesting to say the least, I got  to experience other clinical aspects apart from just medicine and surgery. I got to meet new people and make new friends both with my posting members and registrars. On the other hand, it was also quite stressful, I was expected to start applying all the things I was thought almost immediately. Not to mention the calls and the daily “whose patient is this”. The exams that seem to be coming too close together, especially in sub postings. I had to wake up early and drag myself to posting everyday whether I liked it or not, cause it’s harder to skip posting in part 5.
I think it demanded a lot of me compared to part 4. – YEMISI

500L can be quite a roller-coaster ride and it’s totally okay to say it was stressful.
Starting from the block lectures,the block lectures were no joke, The long hours of intense focus to the rapid pace of learning.
Also, the clinical postings and the calls were a lot, I mean going to hospital everyday and clerking patients can be tiring. Travelling down to Ilesa was also another stressful part. – OLOLADE

Part 5 required showing up everyday for classes, postings, night calls, weekend calls, tutorials, clerking patients, travelling between Ife and Ilesha almost all the time. It required a lot. Even if you had other very important things to go for and you need to take permission, the stress attached to taking permissions is enough to put you off.
However, in the midst of the requirements and responsibilities. It was a good experience, one on one with patients, consultants, and the feeling of being part of the team and actually contributing no matter how little it is. It’s very fulfilling – Tosin AJEWOLE

Part 5 was a roller-coaster of emotions. There was time to rest and be at peace but the postings would also keep you on your toes and make you study.
It’s a good class as long as you have an open mind to expect and handle whatever situation you experience – Tofunmi

Part 5 was a roller-coaster. A really messy roller-coaster at that. One minute it’s all good, next minute you’re in academic trenches. One minute you’re enjoying the ride, next minute you’re neck-deep in a mess that you don’t even know how you got into. Wo, it was sha a lot.
Was it remarkable? Yes definitely. Will I pick it over part 4? A 100 times over. – Blaise

Part 5 wasn’t easy at all
The seniors say part 5 is easier than part 4 but that is only true in terms of academics. P.s: Even the academics of 500L is not beans.
The physical stress that accompanies part 5 needs to be emphasized stemming by the fact that you have to be present in all postings always. I only missed postings on three occasions last year and that kind of messed with me. – KOSI

Well, there’s only one way to find out how part 5 is, we wish the Exypnos class good luck in this journey, and a big congratulation to the Stalwart class.

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