Personality of The Week: Interview with Ogunboyede Peter

Behold, MEDIVOICE as watchmen with torches going about seeking for whom to handpick among over 700 brilliant medics of the Greatest gbagba. The light sprays on a handsome radiant young man with nice beards. Walk with us as we get to know the young man sitting handsomely on our blog as this week Personality of the week.

MediVoice: Dear Personality of the week, Can we meet you, sir?

Peter: My name is Oluwatosin Peter Ogunboyede. I’m a 300L medical student, of course I spend most of my time reading. I’m from the Sunshine State, precisely, Owo town.

Medivoice: The Sunshine State- The State of _On-do_ Seems IFUMSAites are majorly from Ondo State. You guys must be elites. I hail you all! Alright, how do you feel about being a doctor in a few months?

Peter: First, I don’t think I have just a few months, I actually have a few years left in medical school. That’s more accurate. And honestly, becoming a Medical Doctor has been a lifelong dream, so I’d expect to feel fulfilled but, my satisfaction is not delayed, each day and every moment, I am fulfilling a purpose and that’s what brings the joy and satisfaction, getting the degree will only be the culmination of that.

Medivoice: Interesting perspective! Consequently, how would you describe Med school?

Peter: It’s a tough place to be honest. The standards here are so high you have to do so much to even merely get by.

Medivoice: A tough place. Caught that. Nevertheless, how do you feel about our association IFUMSA?

Peter: The level of organization in IFUMSA is really insane! There are only a few students’ bodies that can come this close.

Medivoice: Indeed, IFUMSA is a great place to be. So, do you hold any office within or outside IFUMSA

Peter: I’m the Deputy Speaker of the IFUMSA Students’ Representative Body (SRB)

Medivoice: Deputy Speaker no be small thing ooo. Honorable Peter, If you had a second chance will you pick Medicine?

Peter: What is a second chance? (Lol…). Yes I have an unflinching passion for medicine.

Medivoice: Agba Passion😀😀. Most frustrating and exciting experience in Med school.

Peter: Top of the list of frustrating moments for me here has been staying in the cadaver lab. Most exciting? Passing my MB.

Medivoice: Impressive stuff! In addition, what advice will you give those who are just starting their med school journey?

Peter: Give it your all. There’s a popular maxim; anything worth doing at all, is worth doing well.

Medivoice: Thank you for your word of advice. Next, Is leaving the country in the plans?

Peter: One of my plans, yes.

Medivoice: Japa, my guy.. Now, when the going gets rough, what keeps you going?

Peter: The word of God.

Medivoice: When you’re not being a student, what can we find you doing?

Peter: When I’m not in the classroom I do a lot of things, basically catching up on life and everything the workload of medical school makes me miss out on.

Medivoice: Dear Honorable, if you were offered 10 million dollars to stop studying Medicine, will you take the offer?

Peter: Hehehe… You can come back with something bigger. Few days ago, one man gave about 10% of this to the Lagos State government and he wasn’t even there in person to present the cheque, it was one of his daughters that presented the cheque to the Governor. So yeah, come back with something bigger 😅

Medivoice: In that case, any college crush or admiree

Peter: Nil

Medivoice: (Takes a deep breath) If you say you have no crush, then there is an expectation in the rhythms of my heart about this one. What is your Relationship status?

Peter: Nil

Medivoice: Nil? I know you are telling the truth but I refuse to believe you. In general, is there any life philosophy you follow?

Peter: The principles I build my life on are in the Bible

Medivoice: Hmmm, “The word, a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”! In summary, can you describe your life with a book or movie?

Peter: Definitely the Bible! Specifically Jesus Christ, my life is patterned after him.

Medivoice: Oh, how so sweet to trust in Jesus! As the personality of the week is there any friend you would like to give a shout-out to?

Peter: Shout-outs to my colleagues in Tenacious. It’s beautiful to watch how everyone’s steadily giving their best regardless of how tough it might seem. Earnestly, I hope that in a few years from now we’ll all look back with a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment.
Also shout-outs to the members of the Exypnos class currently taking the almighty Path & Pharm exams. I’m rooting for you all! 🙌

Medivoice: Finally, Any last words for MEDIVOICE?

Peter: Well done to everyone on the team. Your consistency is amazing! I give you all your flowers.

Equally important, we hope our readers had an excellent time meeting our personality of the week(POTW).

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