Writer’s Interview: Meet Bismarck p.k.a The Pebble In The Pond

On today’s edition of Writer’s Interview, we have none other than the honourable Faola Bismarck, Literary Section Chief, fondly known as “The Pebble in the Pond.”

I am Bismarck, a 300 Level medical student of Obafemi Awolow University. There’s not much to know about me, I am literally an open book, though with some pages that have text hidden under 2FA. I am a writer, Millenium Fellow, and an philosophy enthusiast.

2.  When did you start writing?

I have always scribbled words here and there, inspirations, etc. But I actively started writing during the Corona virus pandemic.

3.  What does writing mean to you? 

Writing is an expression of myself at a particular point in time. It’s the ability to take the formless thoughts in my head and refine them into words that can make an impact. Writing is life.

4.  What genre of writing do you like to write? 

I enjoy writing fiction the most.

5.  Who is an author that inspires you as a writer?

Terry Goodkind.

6.   What is your favourite book? 

Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind

7.  Can you share your favourite writing ?

My favourite writing till date still “Bequeathed.” A short story I wrote for a competition – yeah, I won.

8.  What is the meaning of “The Pebble In The Pond”

Hmm, I have gotten this question countless number of times. Let me ask you this question too though, have you watched “Legend of the Seeker?” Yeah, it’s an adaptation from a book “The Sword of Truth” written by Terry Goodkind. One of the many names for the main character Richard Rahl was “The Pebble In The Pond” because his life rippled and touched everyone around him. When Terry die, I decided to immortalise him and take up the name.

So, to evision the meaning, when you throw a pebble in a pond, what happens? It’s spreads ripples all over the water. A pebble in the pond is simply someone whose life has a lot of impact on those around.

9.  Can you give useful tips to people who want to start writing? 

Read a lot of books.

10. How do you balance writing with medical school?

I don’t think anyone has any clear cut roadmap for balance. You just learn with time to recognise when to do more of one, more of another and equal of both.

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