Interview with Favour Akinyemi for Assistant General Secretary (AGS)

As the IFUMSA elections draw near, MediVoice remains dedicated to delivering essential news during this crucial period. In line with this commitment, we present our interview with an Assistant General Secretary (AGS) aspirant:

MediVoice: Hello. In introducing yourself to IFUMSAITES, could you please share details such as your name, class, the specific position you’re contesting for, and other important aspects we need to know?

Favour Akinyemi: Top of the day to everyone. My name is Favour Akinyemi, though most people call me Afe. I’m aspiring for the position of Assistant General Secretary (AGS) and I’m a 200 level medical student.

MediVoice: Which three fundamental values do you uphold, and moreover, how do you anticipate that they will contribute to the advancement of this association?

Favour Akinyemi: Innovation, Continuity and Smart work.

MediVoice:kindly shed light on your comprehension of the responsibilities associated with the Assistant General Secretary’s role within IFUMSA?

Favour Akinyemi: The role of the AGS is a lot but for me it borders majorly on three pillars; 

  1. Taking the place of Gen. Sec in his/her absence.

2. Planning a wholesome Orientation for the Freshers in order to give them a warm welcome.

3. Catering to the academic needs of the members of the association.

4. IFUMSA’s website was an excellent idea, are we going to stop there? No. We’re going for the next word after excellent. 

The goal is to bring new and future forward goals to the table while also building on the legacy that our predecessors have left behind. Combining that with smart work, we can shape a truly progressive IFUMSA.

MediVoice: Have you had any prior leadership experience within or outside IFUMSA?

Favour Akinyemi: Yes, I have substantial leadership experience. I served as an Assistant Publicity Lead on the Doctor Plus Project. Additionally, in various HealthWeek events, I served as protocol officer and was put in charge of managing the HealthWeek Instagram account. I’m an active member of the IHAC club and team lead for the freshers mountaineering event. All these activities and many more were not haphazard, they were intentional steps to hone my skills set and broaden my insights on working with publicity, managing a team, etc

MediVoice: Why are you running for the office of Assistant General Secretary and not any other post?

Favour Akinyemi: Just the same way Ben Carson weighed heavily on most people’s decision to study medicine, I would say, for most of us, or at least speaking for myself,  the influence of the seniors that we met in charge.

Before you know it, you start wishing to inspire others the way you were inspired or mentored.

MediVoice: What sets you apart from other candidates running for this post and why should IFUMSAITES trust you?

Favour Akinyemi: My campaign theme alone is something that sets me apart, #NoBetterYesterday, and it sheds light on the fact that I advocate for a future forward IFUMSA so the people coming after us would not wake up one day and say IFUMSA was great.

MediVoice: As fellow medical students, recognizing the importance of time, how do you plan to balance academic commitments with the responsibilities of the Assistant General Secretary role effectively?

Favour Akinyemi: There’s a method I have always used which has worked effectively for me in the past and I don’t doubt it’s proficiency now. I divide my daily life into sections and allocate hours to it. Right now, my life can be divided into Church, Academics, Politics and Earning Money. I allocate different hours to each of them. If I notice an overlap, I’m quick to balance it in the days that follow.

MediVoice: How would you describe your vision for IFUMSAites, and what specific goals do you hope to achieve if elected?

Favour Akinyemi: Thank you for this question, I have 7 very specific goals that I plan to bring to the table:

  1. Mentorship programs that border more on putting people through registering for scholarships

2. Financial education on the freelancing world

3. Quiz Blitzs that not just test anatomy or pharmacology stuff but tests our skills in first aid and trauma care.

I don’t want to go into too much detail here to avoid making it bulky, but please do check up my manifesto/ vision board.

MediVoice: Although we extend our well wishes for success to every candidate, should you not secure the position of AGS in this election, can the association rely on your ongoing support and assistance?

Favour Akinyemi: Of course, there are many ways to serve IFUMSA outside of an office. While I would love to be given the chance to serve on a larger scale, I would still settle with IFUMSA’S choice.

MediVoice: As a conclusion, do you have any final words, specifically, for IFUMSAites?

Favour Akinyemi: Thank you very much for the love, support  and words of advice, I really appreciate it.

That’s all from the AGS aspirtant for now. Stay tuned for more.

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