With Temitayo Femi Matthew- Presidential Aspirant

Readers! It is the season of elections for IFUMSA, and IFUMSAites alike. A time where leaders, and representatives are elected to register a new beginning, and build on past achievements. It is essentially on the above note that, Medivoice is indefatigably keen on updating you as things unfold. And guess what? We present to you an interview with a presidential aspirant. Sit back! Grab your cup of water! Read!

Medivoice: Hello! Good evening! Kindly introduce yourself to IFUMSAITES. Your name? Class? The

Temitayo Femi Matthew: I am Temitayo Femi MATTHEW from the Exypnos Class. I’m contesting for the position of President in the forthcoming IFUMSA elections.

Medivoice: Nice! Can you describe your journey through Medical School, and as an IFUMSAITE?

Temitayo Femi Matthew: Please see my IFUMSA CV below:



Honourable Member representing Exypnos Constituency (Aug 2021 – Present)

Honourable Constituency Leader, Exypnos Constituency (Aug 2021 – Sep 2022)

Member, Alumni Relations Committee (July 2020 – Sep 2022)

OC Chair, 2nd Entrepreneurship & Economic Summit (Sep 2021 – Feb 2022)

Assistant General Secretary(Oct 2019 – Aug 2021)

Chairman, Central Academic Committee (Oct 2019 – Aug 2021)

OC Member, 35th Health Week(Mar – Jun 2021)

OC Vice Chair, 1st Entrepreneurship & Economic Summit (June – Sep 2020)

Liaison Officer to the Nigerian Medical Students’ Association (Jan – Dec 2019)

OC Member, 34th Annual Health Week (Aug – Oct 2019)

OC Member, 33rd Annual Health Week(May – June 2018)


Chief Sponsor, IFUMSA SRB Co-option Act 2023

The chief Sponsor, IFUMSA Electoral Act 2023

Chief Sponsor, IFUMSA 400 Level Accommodation Bill 2022,2023.


IFUMSAite of the Year x2 2022, 2023

Most Versatile IFUMSAite x2 2022, 2023

Top 10 Most Phenomenal IFUMSAites 2023

Honourable Member with the most Contributions 2023

Honourable of the Year 2023

Executive of the Year 2021

Rookie of the Year 2019

Medivoice: Great! So, what prompted your decision to run for the Presidential seat this year?

Temitayo Femi Matthew: We have to tackle the challenges facing our Association as soon as possible. Honestly, it cannot wait an extra day,let alone an extra year. This is essentially why I am running this year.

Medivoice: Since you mentioned the urgency of tackling the association’s challenges, what three fundamental values do you uphold? Also, how do you anticipate that they will contribute to the advancement of this association?

Temitayo Femi Matthew: Integrity, dedication and also,passion for excellence.

Medivoice: Amazing! Can you describe your most pivotal win in your last leadership role within or outside IFUMSA?

Temitayo Femi Matthew: It has to be seeing the Co-option Bill get passed unanimously in the Parliament. Even as the Chief Sponsor, I didn’t see the bill passing, at the time we formally presented it to the Parliament. But over the months following its first presentation, discussions got more intense and the Review Committee did a thorough job too. So it was a pivotal win for me, when I saw the bill pass.

Medivoice: A pivotal win, indeed. Besides, how would you describe your vision for IFUMSAites, and what specific goals do you hope to achieve if elected?

Temitayo Femi Matthew: The vision is basically a lot, and I doubt this publication will contain it. I’d rather invite IFUMSAites to be on the lookout for my 16-page manifesto document. We shall launch it on next Wednesday.

Medivoice: I am sure IFUMSAITES are anticipating. However, What is (are) the first thing(s) you plan to achieve in your first month if you get the leadership mantle?

Temitayo Femi Matthew: It is difficult to say because I’d be writing the almighty Path and Pharm MB within my first month in office. However, you can expect robust consultations on accommodation challenges, exorbitant sundry charges and bottlenecks surrounding access to care at OAUTHC, and lots more. Importantly, I do not intend to delay major decisions till after my MB. I do have plans to handover power to my Vice President. But it will be up to her and the rest of the Executive Council to prioritize the major decisions they need to make at the time or delay till my return.

Medivoice: I wish you success in your MB. However,what sets you apart from the other candidate running for this seat and why should IFUMSAITES trust you?

Temitayo Femi Matthew: Experience and service. Both in terms of meaningful years spent in previous portfolios; the quality of impact made, and the overall diversity in the skills acquired.

Medivoice: Do you support the concept of Female presidency in IFUMSA or feel threatened by it at this time?

Temitayo Femi Matthew: This question comes across as gender-insensitive. Moreover, It is not the best for an egalitarian society like ours. However, if you may, I supported, canvassed and voted Dr Muili Opeyemi Aminat to be IFUMSA President in 2019. If I didn’t feel threatened then, why now?

Medivoice: Apt! How do you plan to leave IFUMSA better than you met it?

Temitayo Femi Matthew: Again, please wait/refer to my manifesto document. I cannot address this question in a few lines.

Medivoice: We wish every candidate success. Meanwhile, In the event that you do not secure victory, can the association confidently expect your continued support and assistance?

Temitayo Femi Matthew: No answers, because victory is assured.

Medivoice: Finally, Any final words for IFUMSAites?

Temitayo Femi Matthew: No.

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