An Interview With the Second Runner-up of the IFL 2.0

The IFUMSA Football League (IFL) is a major highlight of the sports arm of the OAU Medical Students’ Association. And for two seasons now, the tournament has earned the to-watch-for tag from participants and other football-loving IFUMSAites.

A MediVoice correspondent met with Folarin, the coach of the Stalwarts (Part 5) squad in an exclusive interview. This is what he has to say about his team’s performance in relation to the concluded IFL.

How would you assess your team’s performance in the just-concluded league season, particularly finishing in third place?

It wasn’t up to the standard we have set for ourselves, but lessons were learnt.

Can you highlight any specific matches or moments from the season that left a strong impression on you?

I think the match against exypnos. While it was a refreshing match, it shed light on our flaws.

Why did this said experience leave sure a strong impression on you?

It highlighted the areas for us to improve.

How do you plan to approach these challenges in the future?

The same way we have always done as a team. Train hard, stick together, and ride it through. Undoubtedly, the future is bright.

From your perspective, do you feel the IFL league referee and other officials demonstrated fairness throughout the league season?

I am not satisfied with the officiating. But I feel it can be better.

Looking at future leagues, what areas do you want to approach differently to enhance your team’s performance?

Everything. Every aspect of our game needs to improve. What’s more, we plan to take a more rigorous approach to our training.

How do you personally feel about the team that emerged as champions in the league? Were they deserving?

Yes. They thoroughly deserved it. They were tough to break down and scored the goals to back it up. So I feel they totally deserve it.

What are your team’s goals and aspirations for the upcoming season, and what do you hope to achieve collectively?

We hope we can get back to our best and win. However, we know we need to put more effort.

Lastly, is there a message you would like to send to your dedicated fans and supporters who have been with you throughout the league journey?

I will tell them not to worry. Going on, the only way we can go from here is up.

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