I Think I Will Be Tired Tomorrow

“I think i will be tired tomorrow”, I sighed. After a long day out, joggling between tasks to survive life and its ever-calling challenges. The hands of the clocks can’t be kept for a while if not my procrastinating habits would have grown broader. Minutes pass by as humans spend their time engrossed in necessary and wasteful activities. Anyway, humans should be fine.

Raising my jead up, I noticed the sun reducing its intensity, ready to pave the way for the night and allow the burning lamp to start its work. Hurriedly, I packed my bags to get as fast as possible to the hostel, so that I could spend the rest of the night in a relatively safe place.

After spending a couple of nights in the field searching for nocturnal insects for practicals. Ohh! proper introduction, my name is Shine and I have two valuables, the first, I bought with my hard-earned penny, and the second as a gift. My first valuable is my fetcher which can pull out oceans from the well in a second. The other is my dimmed lamp, which was a gift from my 18th birthday. I cherish my fetcher and my lamp more than you can imagine and I think y’all should understand why.

It’s night already, as the full moon has already taken its place, and started its job to glow bright and light the sky. It also illuminates my ever-dark hostel environs. “A time to accomplish my night schedule”, I said. The first and most important is neither cooking nor reading, but bringing out loads of clothes to ash up. I guess I’ve been storing them for decades. The second is washing my messy plates, which have been pleading to get cleaned up for a couple of days.

First, a proper intro about my room, this is the relatively best room out of all in The Eve Hostel, it comprises 8 inhabitants in a room. In my room, there is a dirty girl, an amplifier, and 6 other lonely kids. After a glass of water to cool my nerves and allow smooth running of the veins, I brought my fetcher out to pull some water from the nearby well. I brought two buckets out too.

A step out of the room, I heard the amplifier blowing out sounds in different tunes. Verily, I’ll have a nice time enjoying the night with horrible snoring sounds as I wash my clothes. I brought the two buckets of water happily filled from the well into the room. Then I noticed some sounds different from the tune from the amplifier. Oh, there are some rats up in the ceiling fighting for something that should not be my interest.

Following this, I took the clothes out closer to the door, yep I do wash in the room, so dirty I am, yes I know, I’ll take that as I compliment. Then, I noticed one my my valuables was missing, that’s my fetcher. Really! I left it at the well, quickly, I took the race I’d not run for months not even years back to the well to get my dear back. I gripped it with my heart filled with joy. oh my dear I’ve not lost you!

Lilly, one of my roommates met me at the well and pleaded to get some water with my fetcher. Hesitantly, I lent it to her. Within the twinkle of an eye, not even a drop was out, I couldn’t see the rope, not even the scoop. It fell into the well. At this point, I gazed at Lilly furiously for minutes. She is one of the lonely kids in the room. I dare not slap them, I’m too young to be behind bars.

The night went darker, the lamp burned brighter but my heart burned faster. “Humans will be fine”, I told myself as I went back. I could not cry but weep as I saw a couple of rats drowned in the two buckets of water. A grave for each.

Unfortunately, no more cleaning tonight. I packed my clothes back into my bags, I have to get them done tomorrow. Switched off my lamp, and the moon lay on my back. Slowly closed my eyes, and waited till darkness shrouded them. I think of my tasks left undone and I know tomorrow won’t be any different.

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