King Arthur’s Infinity News Table 3

It is revealed that Nigerian politicians never go without wearing a form of hat or cap because they always be capping.

In an unprecedented move, a Nigerian man has invented a potion to make you not Nigerian.

Mannequins banned because they’re causing men to have illicit thoughts (okay, that one’s just news, not satire).

Boko Haram’s open letter to the public on “the importance of not being educated” is hailed by all to be, spell-binding, moving, and surprisingly well written.

Buhari in shock at the discovery that Nigeria is a sovereign, democratic nation.

FG in a new pre-emptive strike, sets up a new foundation to prepare for school kidnappings memorials before they happen.

New diet fad recommends not eating at all so you can fit into your size 0 coffin.

Economists declare that the depreciation of naira can simply be solved by printing more money

FG arms citizens with numb-chucks to fight against future bombings

Pig massacre as hogs declared to be an unnecessary temptation for many.

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