Highlights of the Annual Prof Ayodele Ojuawo Intercollegiate quiz competition

On Thursday 11th of November 2021, the IFUMSA Quiz and Debate Club earned themselves another badge and some bragging rights after winning the annual Professor Ayodele Ojuawo Intercollegiate quiz competition for the second time in a row at the University of Ilorin.

The competition was conducted at the Nightingale Hall at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital. It also featured Ekiti State University Medical Students Association (EKSUMSA), BOWEN University Medical Students Association (BUMSA) and the host school University of Ilorin Medical Students Association (ILUMSA). Ayotunde Famokunwa, Salami Adeoye and Falokun Oluwatobi represented IFUMSA.

The competition consisted of five rounds, a test for General Science, Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, General Knowledge and “Better By Far” section which tested for knowledge on a few selected topics. Each correct answer earned the contesting team 4 points per question in every round except the “Better by far” round which had 10 points per correct answer. Also, for the first four rounds, every contesting team answered four questions in each round and ten questions in the final round.

IFUMSA started on the strong foot, winning the first round with 12 points, four points ahead of EKSUMSA and 6 points ahead of BUMSA, while ILUMSA scored 4 points. At the end of the fourth round, IFUMSA were ahead with 34 points. BUMSA and EKSUMSA were both on 30 points while ILUMSA were on 29 points. In the final round, IFUMSA was able to answer nine questions correctly out of 10 and ended the competition with 134 points. However, ILUMSA secured the second spot after answering eight questions correctly, ending the competition with 109 points. BUMSA and EKSUMSA both scored 50 points in the final round and had 80 points each. A tie-breaking round was conducted and EKSUMSA ended the competition as the second runner up.

All contestants were awarded a certificate and the top three teams walked home with cash prizes.

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