Quintessential Goodbyes and IFUMSA-Cratic Hellos; Ushering in the IFUMSA-Cracy Regime

Oaths have been taken, speeches have been rendered, and promises have been made. It’s now officially a new dispensation not just in the United Kingdom but also here in our very own IFUMSA. Although they run a monarchy there, we now run an IFUMSA-Cracy government.

Swearing-in ceremonies in IFUMSA are often bittersweet. This year’s, held on the 9th of September 2022, was no exception, because it marked an official goodbye to the Quintessential administration. This event would say goodbye to an era and serve as an official welcome to the IFUMSA-Cracy administration.

The ceremony took place virtually on Google Meet with over 70 participants. It commenced at exactly 4:03 pm with Balogun Emmanuel introducing himself as the Secretary of the IFUMSA Electoral Committee. He welcomed and appreciated everyone for their presence at the event. He also specially acknowledged and appreciated the presence of the Provost and the Dean—Professor Kolawole and Professor Sowande.

Afterwards, he then led everyone to sing the National and Great Ife anthems, inviting the Provost to give an opening remark.

The Provost appreciated the Electoral Committee’s work and commended the outgoing executives. The moderators then invited the Dean to give a speech.

Professor Sowande recognised the presence of the Provost and congratulated what he called the “Ọ̀gágun-led IFUMSA”. He stated that he noticed the deep concern Lolu had while relating to him concerning issues affecting IFUMSA. He further stated that he hopes the new executives will uphold every tenet as the previous tenure had done. In the same vein, he also reminded the students to always uphold university laws and not break them. He also said that the faculty is always ready to support IFUMSA.

The 43rd and outgoing IFUMSA President, Akinlolu Samuel Akinteye, then rendered his speech, which everyone would no doubt describe as emotional and heartwarming.

The Secretary of the Electoral Committee then asked all new executives to unmute their microphones and turn on their cameras for the oath-taking.

After the oathtaking, the 44th and incumbent IFUMSA President, Kolade Adegoke, delivered his beautiful and inspirational speech.

The Secretary of the Electoral Committee appreciated IFUMSAites on behalf of the electoral committee’s chairman and members and called on Hon. Daniel Olunu to round off the meeting with the Great Ife Anthem. It was brought to Balogun Emmanuel’s attention that the new IFUMSA honourables had not taken their oath.

After the SRB took the oath, the ceremony officially ended with the Secretary of the IFUMSA Electoral Committee again thanking IFUMSAites and reminding everyone of the first parliamentary meeting set to hold later that evening.

And that, indeed, was the end of an era. All of us at MediVoice wish the new executives and honourables a blissful tenure. To view more of our posts view, click here.

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