Let’s talk about weather for two.

Weather for two has become a youthful phenomenon in the 21st century — watching Netflix without Netflix. Since we are in the rainy season here in Nigeria, it is impossible to get enough of the bickering around it. At the slight appearance of rain, the multitude beckon for a partner. These times have essentially become the time of reflective thinking of where your relationship is headed and if you will ever get someone to share your bed.

Furthermore, the media has done so much enunciation that an impending rain seems always to bring up the topic of relationship. The search for warmth in each other’s naked bodies. A classic booty call it has become. The weather for two has brought more strain and stress to relationships than we could imagine. While we all know a lovely, cosy duvet and a cup of hot tea is enough to evade all manner of cold, the confines of another person’s body, however, seems more appealing.

It is hard not to laugh once in a while about it, though. Really, the warmth in a person’s embrace on a cold night is unmatched. I should know. Regardless, does this phenomenon just stop at the yearning of this embrace, or does it go further to create a social problem?

Does Weather for two affect us?

I remember when I was younger, and rain meant the start of the farming season. When the hormone pumped into the blood of young men was adrenaline, ready to turn the soil. In contrast, this century has brought something more like dopamine, the anticipatory hormone. We become charged with libido, prepared to do the “yeah,” because the weather permits it. It’s funny how those who don’t get to snuggle up their partners live in disappointment, sadness and waste a bucketload of data on Netflix trying to find a consolatory movie.

Is it bad, though? Is weather for two, a phenomenon that has brought joy to many youth faces, a thing to be scorned? Lol. No, I am not saying that. Of all people, I should be the last to spurt out such comments.

Nevertheless, the weather for two phenomenon does cast some psychological shadows we might not notice. At least, not now. It has gotten loud. No matter how little, this season is leaving some of its skin behind. For relationships and single people alike, it plays a toll.

How Weather for two affects us?

There is a whole concept that love completes us. That the instant humans are born, there is an innate need to find a partner. The concept branches so far out that comments like “you complete me,” “my other half, my better half,” exists. Though this might be profoundly romantic when proposing to a partner, that is as far as it goes. Plus, the concept is far from ideal. This flawed reality in time turns out to be our reality, and slowly we become dependent on the need for love to be happy. We feel inadequate. We become so desolate when a partner leaves us, not just because we are broken, but because we don’t know what to do with our half. Not to pull my punches, it is far from reasonable to believe humans require the love of another to be complete. We have all we need as humans. We aren’t half. Even the common phrase “1 + 1= 1” still acknowledges the preexistence of a whole man/woman.

So, where does the weather for two come into play? Well, it is pretty obvious. It pushes on the point that we are inadequate against the cold. Many would rush to counter it as cruise but really think about it. When drafting a plan where you become happy in the end, are relationships on the top of your list? Or let’s even say money comes first; what comes after? If most people are being sincere, it is money first, then love. Not that it is bad, but the sole dependence on love as a requirement to be happy explains why many relationships are dysfunctional. In a way, you can see how the weather for two can fault you. How when it starts to rain, you fall into this hole of “God when.” You talk about how a cuddle will be so good. Funny how you forget the number of years you had to live through without this craving and survived.

Maybe being single is not totally a bad thing.

So maybe not asking them to come over isn’t such a bad idea. Because really, start with a why. Why are you asking them out? Do you love them, or do you just want a cuddle bear for the chill weather? Are you terrified about being single, or do you need an accomplice? Maybe you shouldn’t ask them out. At least, I didn’t, and I am doing fine. Being single isn’t so bad. Yes, even when it is cold. Just get an oversized, comfy duvet and a pack of black coffee, and you will be fine. The weather doesn’t have love in the air, it is just cold, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying the cold alone. You aren’t alone. You aren’t flawed; if it comes, fine. If it doesn’t, you can still live your best life. Xoxo.

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