Words and Promises; A Brief Rundown of the Swearing-In of the Quintessential IFUMSA

As a spin-off from the last official sitting of the Capacity tenure, which held last Friday, August 6, 2021, today marked the swearing-in of great men and women carrying the quintessential flag.

The program, which was scheduled to hold at HSLT B, officially started at 3:16 pm with members of the electoral committee and IFUMSAITES present. Maximilian Agbakwuru, the secretary of the Electoral Committee, anchored the program. Loretta Ejiogu, another electoral committee member, led the audience to sing the first stanza of the National Anthem and the School Anthem. The latter amidst great cheer.

The members of the High table were introduced as follows; the Provost of the College of Health Sciences, Professor Kolawole, the Dean of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Professor Sowande (who was absent but later joined the program), the outgoing President of the Association, Akinola Beloved, who was absent but represented by his General Secretary, Kolade Adegoke.

The Provost was then called to give a short speech. He expressed his pride that traditions as such were still being upheld within the association. He also recounted his experience as an active member of IFUMSA while a medical student in OAU. When he was in Part 4, he was the Chairman of the SRB, and during his tenure, IFUMSA hosted the NiMSA games amidst much pomp across the campus.

The Dean was also given the platform to say a few things. He cited that while he was in school, he was active in sports, specifically in football. He represented the faculty in the aforementioned NiMSA games and also took part in other competitions. He mentioned that medical students need to learn to manage their time well and understand that discipline is essential. He also stressed that medical students should be familiar with the criteria for graduation.

The outgoing General Secretary, representing the outgoing President, was called upon next. He gave a brief rundown of all the events and programs organised during the capacity tenure, from the covid break to the just concluded health week. He did this amidst clapping from the crowd — a testament to the success of Akinola Beloved’s administration.

The newly elected members for the next parliamentary year were called upon one after the other, from the executives to the student representative body. The representatives from each class read out their oath of allegiance together, while the executives were called out one after the other to pledge their devotion to the association. Each newly sworn-in executive then took a bow before the audience before returning to their seats.

The program came to a close with a rendition of the second stanza of the national anthem. The Provost and Dean proceeded to take pictures with the new executives with handshakes and laughter exchanged.

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