5 Destination Places in Namibia

Like other African nations, Namibia isn’t without a fair share of nature’s uniqueness. With sceneries stretching from sprawling species of fauna and flora in arid lands to limitless water bodies, the country offers splendorous attractions to natives and foreigners. Do you look forward to a tourist trip to Namibia? Or you need ideas for your next visit to this African beauty hub? Read on as we go through notable destinations to visit in Namibia, together.

1.   Kalahari Desert

Being a semi-desert with an uneven downpour and sparse blonde vegetation catering to wildlife, the Kalahari is a place of pondering, amazement and escape. Although its 900,000 square kilometers landmass transcends much of Botswana, the sandy plains are also sighted in parts of South Africa and the eastern third of Namibia.

Furthermore, the Kalahari is home to animals like meerkats, antelopes, lions, hyenas, and cheetahs. One might attribute the immaculacy of this earth’s marvel to its remoteness and harsh weather. While that’s partly true, the game reserve is a well-protected area for profound exploration.

2.    Skeleton Coast

It wouldn’t be surprising if the spookiest horror TV scenes came to mind upon hearing about the Namibian Skeleton Coast. As the name suggests, it’s an eerie coastline extension almost devoid of living creatures. Moreover, for most of the year, the upwelling of fierce currents amounts to blinding fogs, creating a similar locale as one’s worst nightmare.

Nonetheless, being a subject of astonishment, the Skeleton Coast has been a site of wildlife documentaries and studies for intense adaptations. Activities you can embark on ashore and offshore are paragliding, surfing, skydiving, quad biking, etc.

3.   Kaokoland

Kaokoland, the third on this list of destinations to visit in Namibia, is a historical portion of Namibia’s independence narrative. It was originally intended as an administrative and self-ruling unit before abolishment. Presently, the meager settlement houses about 16,000 locals.

Kaokoland is tourists’ favorite because of its closeness to Etosha National Park, pristine art of nature, and the avenue to meet with the indigenous Himbas. Aside from these, the homeland also encompasses desert elephants that constantly roam riverbeds for the rarest moisture.

4.   Sossusvlei

In addition, another renowned place in Namibia capable of imprinting a lifelong impression of nature’s magnanimity is the Sossusvlei. It’s a white and clay pan encamped by endless red dunes, situated in the southern part of the Namib desert. Some of the fauna include reptiles, oryxes, arthropods, ostriches, and a few migratory bird species.

Essentially, you haven’t had a complete trip without crawling atop the steepest dune terrains of the Sossusvlei.

5.   Namib-Naukluft Park

The fourth largest park in the world, Namib-Naukluft Park, commences at the heart of Namibia and extends along the Atlantic Ocean and Swakop river. Also, it encompasses a considerable part of the Namib desert. The Namib desert is the oldest desert in the world and serves as another significant showcase of nature’s charm with its vast mountains.

The dunes around the desert are regarded as the loftiest in the world, sometimes above 300 meters. You can save some extra bucks to experience this sensation as you spend time with friends and loved ones. Activities like mountain hiking, horse riding, and biking are exquisite ways to feel the desert’s magic.

There are no limits to how fun and awe-striking nature can be. The more you explore and go to new places, the more you realize this. Hopefully, the highlights above have opened your eyes to less sung beauties of the African continent.

Plan a trip for yourself within Namibia today and come back to relay your splendid experience.

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