An Ode to my Love, If Any

An ode to my love, a heart so true, 

In your warm embrace, I find my cue. 

Your eyes like stars in the late Nigerian sky, 

In your love, even without wings, I’ll soar, and forever fly.

Your laughter is a melody, a sweet refrain, 

In your presence, every worry, every pain, 

Melts away like palm oil in the morning sun, 

With you, Temi, life’s a journey, a run.

In your smile, I see a world so bright, 

Leading me through the darkest night. 

With you, babe, I’ve found my way, 

In your arms, Ife, I’ll stay.

A love so wide, like the country side, 

In your arms, I’ll forever confide and also hide

An ode to my love, Bidemi, forevermore, 

With you, my heart, I truly adore.

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