Editor’s Note

It’s a new week and we’re about to flood you with allll things new. If you’re like us, you’re absolutely in love with the travel column and you’ll be sorry to hear that it will be temporarily discontinued.

However, in its place, there are two fresh new columns — Satirical and Mystical Myths — that will absolutely knock your socks off. Older readers will remember our “Personality of The Week” column and if you’ve missed it, you’re in luck because there will be new instalments for your reading pleasure starting today.

Check out our relationship column for a completely unexpected twist and if you’re getting tired of school stress, our featured column will definitely help you find ways to relax.

Lest I forget, our bcs are taking a new look starting this week and we really hope you’ll keep an eye out for our new opinion pieces. MediVoice is all about breathing fresh air into your reading experience in these times.

Stay with us!

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