IFUMSA Elections 2023




The election season is upon us, and as the association’s leading press entity, it is imperative to communicate the following guidelines to the public. These rules are established to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the actions our members are expected to undertake during this crucial period:

1. All members of MediVoice have received explicit instructions to refrain from endorsing any candidate publicly. Objectivity stands as the core principle that governs our actions. If there arises a necessity to publicly promote a candidate, it is imperative that every candidate receives equal recognition. We kindly urge all candidates to respect this stance and endeavor to exclude MediVoice members from campaign groups.

2. Only members of the News arm of the club proven to be politically non-partisan will engage in comprehensive coverage of all election proceedings to maintain objectivity in all reports. Candidates, these individuals will reach out to you for interviews. We appeal to your prompt responsiveness.

Yours sincerely,

Abifarin Jomiloju,


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