Love Is Not Enough


Love is not enough…

According to the Oxford Dictionary (2024), marriage is the legal or former union of two people recognised as partners in a romantic relationship. So yes, maybe you are right. Maybe love alone should be the driving force of a relationship that leads to marriage. Or maybe you are wrong!

Seventeen days ago, after ending my first in-course exams (a series of exams written in medical school), I decided to de-stress by watching a Korean series a friend recommended. We then debated why the lead characters ended up together. He noticed love; however, I noticed several other things. On a scale of 1–10, maybe love took a small fraction as low as 2/10. 

Do butterflies still exist? 

Love is a beautiful thing, of course. So yes, butterflies still exist today. But remember that inappropriate conditions can make sweet wine taste sour. 

Should love overrule other conditions?

No. I disagree that love should overrule all other standards. Love, as defined as a feeling of strong liking or great pleasure, should not be a sufficient criterion to enter into a marriage with another person. Are there any other conditions we should explore?

What other conditions should be considered?

When you are planning to get married, I am of the opinion that you should answer some important questions first. Firstly, you should consider your future children. Is this someone I will love to have kids with? Will I be proud to tell my kids who their father or mother is? You don’t want to marry someone you and your future children will be embarrassed to present to society as your wife or husband. 

Furthermore, you should also consider if the person you are planning to spend the rest of your life with has enough sense and knowledge to direct a family to the very best state. Decisions made by a couple chart a new road map not only for the couple but for their children. Before venturing into a romantic relationship with a person, you want to know if the person has the same values as you—spiritually, professionally, traditionally, etc. 

Before taking the leap into marriage, there are crucial aspects to explore in your relationship. This includes evaluating your ability to treat each other with respect, assessing complete trust, and considering numerous other factors that contribute to a strong and lasting union.


Marriage is a mental thing. Do not let love blind you to this journey; some people consider it a journey of no return.

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