Nigeria’s Problems: We or Our Leaders?

Shall I?

Nigeria’s map. Credit: Encyclopedia Britannica.

Today is 27th of March, 2023.

Nigeria had a replica of a phenomenon that occurred thirty years ago, last month. It is quite phenomenal that the event that led to the myriad of unfortunate events that followed began on this day in 1993. However, today is not the day to visit the past. Those who find themselves in Nigeria after ’66, especially I, do not feel nostalgic about good governance. No one feels nostalgic about what he has never witnessed.

However, only one person can be filled with the holy ghost, and the rest will shout hallelujah. It is basically unfortunate that we only blame the ones filled with the holy ghost. In other words, in Nigeria, we only blame our leaders for our woes. Are they the only ones responsible for Nigeria’s problems? Are the citizens not responsible?

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Credit: NBC News.

Further, corruption is a household name. I basically think Nigerians should just attach it to their names. Examination malpractice is just as normal as sun setting in the west. However, the government is responsible for churning out graduates who do not know what they are being taught?

Also, what of the woman who sells locust beans, and vegetables in New Market? She hiked the price of her product because of the overwhelming exchange rate. It was exasperating, but Nigeria imports locust beans and vegetables. A rare fact!

I do not really need to tell the tales of extortion for we all have a story. We shall narrate it some day in order to live. However, many families in Nigeria sought the POS guys as suitors in the last few months. We were really treated well by our supposed suitors in those peaceful months. This benevolence was so magnificent, that one of them was afraid I would beat him if I ever met him on the street. We shall always remember the Benedicts.

And the drivers, and other citizens? Shall I?

We are basically responsible for our woes. The people are responsible for Nigeria’s problems. We speak about our representatives and leaders because we see them from below. And no one cares about ours because we are not perpetrating ours on the stage. However, I mentioned today’s date as the best president Nigeria never had, began his presidential journey today, in 1993.

Nigeria’s situation will never change, until Nigerians change for good.

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