“No More Sad Songs” – No ❤

My sister: Why do you like sad songs so much?

Me: They make me happy.

Here’s the thing about sad songs, they’re sad. And sadness isn’t an emotion we particularly enjoy. It’s dreary and dreadful. But sometimes, sad songs are, exactly, what we want, especially when they caption emotions we don’t have words for so well — with an acoustic guitar strumming in the background and a soft voice singing the lyrics. Sad songs are, sometimes, the one thing to give a serotonin boost. So here are the top 3 sad songs recommendations and then some …

1. Barbies – P!nk

If you’re tired of adulting like I am (and when I say tired, I mean actually exhausted from all the emotions and how much you don’t know what you’re doing), this is for you. P!nk sings about how she’d love to go back to playing with Barbies instead of navigating what adulthood is throwing at her. 

Favourite Lines: They never said that you’re gonna grow up quite this soon/How fast things change

2. Kitchen Sink – twenty one pilots

Here’s what I’ve discovered, rap music is therapeutic. There’s something so cathartic about either mumbling the rap or screaming it, no matter what’s in the rap. The catharsis is more intense if the rap is depressing. I said what I said. Kitchen Sink is my go-to song when I’m losing my grip on things. It could be yours too.

3. This is me trying – Taylor Swift

I need not say much, as the title sums up this song perfectly. I’m trying, we’re all trying, we’re doing our best, and if not, we’re trying to do our best.

Bonus Songs

1. I Miss The Days – NF

As I said, rap is therapeutic, but NF rapping adds that extra bang to it. Thematically, it’s a bit similar to Barbies by P!nk, but it’s also different. They both tackle different aspects of nostalgia about childhood.

2. The Archer – Taylor Swift

A slightly self depreciative song but a beautiful one at that. I was sold on the song when I heard the lines “I’ve been the archer, I’ve been the prey/Who could ever leave me darling/But who could stay?”. I don’t have much to say about this song other than I highly recommend it.

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