Qatar with a “Q”

We are now taking off to our last Arab country. Another country with quite a popular airline. Qatar, pronounced like “catarrh” with a posh accent is yet another of the many beautiful countries in the Arabian world. Yet another beautiful land of magic and sand.

The National Museum of Qatar is one of the most intricate buildings ever. It is inspired by the desert rose, a natural design formed in some climates by crystals. The architect wanted to embody the passage of time with his desert rose design. We can now visit the museum and conclude his mission was successful. The white building, with its sharp and curvy edge, is very much a work of art. You can go to the Al Wakra museum and just bask with its wonderful architecture.

Still, about museums, you can stop at the Museum of Islamic Art. It’s located at the centre of a body of serene, clear water, so the only way in is a bridge across the water, which allows you to take in the striking appearance of the museum. The white building has a simple design with its sharp, boxed edges, contrasting with the extravagant interior and its intricacies.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from our past two journeys, it’s that the mosques are always a beauty to behold. Visit the unusual Katara mosque, with its mosaic of blue tikes with hints of red and yellow and its three spiked pillars reaching for the sky. The interior is just as complex and intricately designed. Visit the State Grand Mosque, with its intimidating fortress-like appearance. On the inside, the domed ceiling is high above your head, with stone white pillars and simple chandeliers above you. At night, the museum is lit up with purple lights. Visit the Barzan Towers with their brilliant architecture. View the sights at the top of the formidable tower.

Traverse the Doha Desert with miles and miles of pristine, smooth sand, rolling dunes and be overcome by its vastness- perfect for any desert safari day. Ride camel-back to Al-Zubarah fortress, which is quite, literally, in the middle of nowhere. There are often exhibitions of the site, to leave you with a full experience. Visit also the Doha Fort, which was built in 1927. It was converted to a museum and now has exhibitions, which feature wooden ornaments, paintings photographs and much more.

It’s been fun to explore this Arabian places with the flying carpet of our imagination. If you haven’t been here, to go to Dubai and Egypt with us, you can check out the last two travel articles. I enjoyed the culture and the rich history of these places, and I’m a little sad to say goodbye, but even good things do come to an end.

And in the immortal words of Aladdin’s genie,

“Oh, Arabian nights, like Arabian dreams. This mystical land of magic and sand is more than it seems… Arabian nights, like Arabian days. They seem to excite, take off and take a flight to shock and amaze.”

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