Read my Lips (2)

All my gorgeous ladies! Welcome to the column this week and thanks for taking a quick break from protesting, tweeting and retweeting #EndSARS #EndSWAT #EndBadGovernanceinNigeria to be here. You’ll get back to that shortly alright, A gbodo soro soke! ( forgive me, I don’t know how to put Ami, I’m Igbo).

Last time I started writing about the icing on the make up cake –The Lipstick. Today, let me start by reiterating the fact that more often than not, psychology is at work anytime you pick up a particular type or hue of lipstick to paint your pout so whether you want to learn about your past or recent lipstick choices or create a whole new look, consider the list and take note of the meanings and possibilities to enhance your self-expression moving forward, Leggo!

Red lipstick
Red is such a superb shade of lipstick! It speaks passion, energy, power, and authority and tells us that the wearer is bold and confident, has a fiery spirit and yeah of course that she is mad sexy!

Madeline Petsch as Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale

Yo! Riverdale fans let me holla at you real quick. Y’all know Cheryl Blossom and her signature red lips? Now pray tell, doesn’t the description above fit her character to a T?Your answer is as good as mine. There was also that epic moment in season one of the series where the sweet, prim and proper Betty Cooper wore red lipstick and when her mother asked her why, she said and I quote “it makes me feel powerful.” Her Mother wiped it off and told her to go with pink perfection, “it’s more you” she said, Little did she know that when Betty wears red she’s another version of herself, she’s bold Betty, sexy Betty– Dark Betty (it’s a split personality disorder but you get the gist).

Lili Reinhart as sweet Betty Cooper vs Dark Betty

If you’re lacking in boldness and confidence then the red lipstick can help transform you from a quiet wallflower into a more powerful version of yourself. Besides, there’s also a subtle red shade of lipstick for the modest who prefer being a wallflower rather than the centre of attention. It says that you are a quiet individual but you are not boring. It also says that you have a vast inner life and it might take others a long while to figure you out. Nonetheless, red should be a lipstick shade present in every makeup kit.

Pink Lipstick

Now this shade is more sweet Betty’s style.

Baby pink says you’re innocent, gentle, warm, kind and intuitive. You love things that are cute and cuddly and love being adorable yourself. Try baby pink if you find yourself being overly rough around the edges, it will help you project a soft and friendly nature.
Hot pink, on the other hand, screams innocence with heat!, when you use this shade, others will read that you are enthusiastic, adventurous and aren’t afraid to show your wild side, you find it hard to say No and there are only a few things in this world that scare you. If you’re afraid to take risks, hot pink could help you throw caution into the wind.

Purple Lipstick

Purple is such a strong and bold colour and when it is on your lips, it spells out that you are regal, sophisticated and unique. You crave from others enlightenment and creativity. When you use a lighter shade like lilac or lavender, it means you’re a hopeless romantic and if you use a shade that’s not too dark and not too light then it means you are balanced, independent and strong.

Burgundy lipstick

Rihanna coming through in burgundy!

When you find yourself looking at a shade and wondering… Is it purple or is it wine? my dear, it is burgundy. Often times the burgundy shade may look more wine than purple and other times it may look more purple than wine but burgundy combines the attributes of both colours to make a statement. Wine will give you an aura of seduction, it says that you are not in a rush to get what you want, you enjoy life and live in the moment. Burgundy says you are strong and decisive and if you wear this for a date you’re telling him that it will take some time to know you so he has to be patient and enjoy the ride.

Black Lipstick

Contrary to what the witches we’ve seen in Nollywood movies would have us believe, black lips do not necessarily mean evil, although to be fair they do tend to give out macabre vibes.

Wearing black lipstick could indicate that you have a dark side or a dark sense of humor( like Jhay ,the weird prodigy ….oops, was the mic on ?😅). It could also indicate that you are not easily amused and you find bright colours too flashy and attention seeking. You probably love niche movies, indie music or rap songs by NF and books written by or about rebels. If you wear black too often you come off as Gothic and closed off, not to mention that it also tends to age your look, so black should be worn very sparingly. When worn right though, it could make you look elegant and smart.

Everything written here is of course as a result of the findings of personality researchers and these are just examples of of personality types that define what you wear, you as a person wouldn’t be judged just based on the lipstick you wear and this is only to give information as to the kind of person you might be perceived as and what choices you can make as concerns what you want to be perceived as.

There are of course so many colours, in fact there’s probably a lipstick shade for every colour presently known to man and even more shades will come out so I can’t possibly write on them all but if you want me to bring you even more colours next time, you could let me know in the comments, if not then we mooooove!
So as you step out to protest this week,don on some red, or pink or black or whatever and ensure you soro soke, no dey disguise!

Let me also quickly chip in that even as we protest for change on the streets and online we should back up with prayers and aslo give to this cause in cash or kind as much as we are able, E get why.
Till next time, lots of love

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