Healing Haven: Unwinding Tips for Med Students

Do you know that nostalgic feeling when you crave to curl up in your parents’ bed? Or that longing to stroll in the rain, head bowed, listening only…

World Hypertension Day – May 17th

Happy World Hypertension Day, dear readers. I hope this greeting meets you well. May is the WHO World Hypertension Awareness Month, and Medivoice, as usual, is here to…

Tips to stay healthy during the heat wave

We have experienced a compulsorily “imposed summer wave” in the first quarter of the year in the country, which has worsened with the recurrent power outages. We are…


On the economic front, a major fiscal depression accompanied by large-scale inflation was more likely a result of the war than the disease.

Tips on getting your General Wellbeing Back on Track Before Resumption

So a large part of your break has gone by and you probably would want to make judicious use of the rest before returning to the hustling &…


Self-care. It’s a word that’s been thrown around lately. We see videos of someone with a towel wrapped around their head wearing a charcoal mask and holding a…

Management of Anxiety

For a feeling most of us tag as unpleasant, anxiety can be beneficial – if it’s well managed.

Multiple Persons in One Body: Dissociative Identity Disorder

It is one of those mental illnesses that have been sensationalized and exaggerated by movie industries, leading many people to get the wrong idea about what it truly is. 

impostor syndrome

Impostor Syndrome: When We Fight a Battle Within Us

Do you feel guilty when people give you accolades for an achievement? Or fear that you’re not skilful or talented enough? You might be experiencing impostor syndrome.

How Trauma Changes Your Brain

Say a terrorist group abducted a group of about 200 students from their school. What puts some of these students at risk of developing PTSD after release, and some not?