Tips on getting your General Wellbeing Back on Track Before Resumption

So a large part of your break has gone by and you probably would want to make judicious use of the rest before returning to the hustling & bustling associated with school life. Your general wellbeing, which you’ve surely neglected while in school, might be a good place to start.

Mixed feelings trailed the NUC directive ordering closure of all schools for a period of 3 weeks—now 4 weeks, lol. Some were excited, others understandably unenthused. Even among students in College of Health Sciences—the most overburdened students in the university community—there were those who secretly hoped the school didn’t follow the directive. Perchance you were one of them. The school soon shattered this hope, of course.

Nevertheless, whether you wanted the break or not, it’s not too late to make productive use of it—with special attention to your general wellbeing, and especially now that it has been extended by a week.

Your goal should be to return to school at the end of the break reinvigorated, with renewed enthusiasm and raring to go.

Surely, school has had its toll on your health. You’ve probably also lost a few KGs from all the stress.

So see this remaining 1 week as your opportunity to recuperate, to get your mental and general health back in order and grab some much needed sleep.

A few tips to get started:

Consider spending the break with family. Or at least away from the school environment. The impact of a change of scenery on the brain is undeniable.

Eat well. Getting home and continuing that junk food lifestyle might not be the best thing to do to yourself. This should be the time you eat some proper meal.

Get enough sleep, but don’t turn into Jonah. The impact of sleep on the brain cannot be overemphasised.

Play some indoor games. You will be surprised how a few hours with family and friends playing a bit of scrabble or ludo game can go a long way. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy after all.

Spend less time on-screen. This is a tough ask. The temptation to binge the complete season of the trending series can be irresistible. (Or you’ve begun already? Haha!) Reduce your screen time to the barest minimum, if at all.

Use the break to figure out what works for you & what doesn’t. This is the time to experiment. Studying is a lot less tough & mentally demanding once you know what works for you.

And lastly, Catch up with the class schedule. It reduces the workload & takes away undue mental pressure when school resumes. If you can read ahead of resumption, great! If not, don’t beat your self up. There will always be plenty of time to .

All in all ensure, and I cannot stress this enough, you maximize this break; you don’t know when you will get another.

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