My Opinion on Power

The point is: Impulsive, hollow “doings” do not define true power (or powerful people), no matter how “grand” they may seem to be.

Power, The Beautiful Rose

I win the heart of the toughest, without a sword or battle.

The Powerlessness in a Bastard’s Blood

And he locked the young man who benevolently dispersed his seeds in my fertile ground.”

Power from the Perspective of Leadership

We should see leadership as a form of public service with its essence being the people. We remove the flock, and the shepherd is no shepherd at all.

Quotes from A Powerful Woman

NGOZI OKOJO-IWEALA MAKES HISTORY AS THE FIRST FEMALE LEADER OF THE WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION That headline screams power and success from a goal-getter. Ngozi is a Nigerian-born economist…