Moments with you were times I cherished
Your laugh was a melody to my ears;

Dealing with loss

Everyone has experienced loss at some point in their lives; the death of a loved one or pet, or just being out of contact with someone you care…

Cringey Crushes

There are some days when you’re effortlessly happy. Every piece of news sends you into higher states of happiness. Today was one of such days.I had left OBS…


“Why did you become the devil’s spawn?” “Why have you stopped loving me?” “Why?!”

Editor’s Note

It is, as usual, my pleasure to welcome our dear readers to enjoy this new collection of articles and poems for the week. The fashion column returns with…

To the One that got away

Dear First Love, Remember these words?… Katy Perry sang it best you know; “Unconditional, unconditionally I will love you unconditionally. “ The lyrics from the song “unconditionally” blast…