Abake, Omo Oni

Moments with you were times I cherished
Your laugh was a melody to my ears;
Your smile brightened up my world.
I always longed to behold the sparkle in your eyes.
Not until cancer came and stole it away
We promised to stick by each other,
But now you seem to break your end of the deal.

Ade mi,

You don’t have to give in to death
I’m right here with you, and we are going to pull through
I wish I could share in your pains
And I’d do anything to see you smile again.

Ife mi,

“Just hang in there,
I’d be right back.”
All these and more were words weaved in my mind
Ready to pour it out to you
If only you waited some minutes more
Before taking the long stroll with death,
I couldn’t bring myself to believe you were no more.
And even now, you are alive in my heart.
So many words to say, but don’t you worry
I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.

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