What Can You Say of Love?

It is the month of love, the atmosphere is filled with love and this column isn’t left out in spreading this love too. I have compiled a list of what various individuals think of love. These different ideas add color to this season of love and I’ll be sharing them with our readers

Love is sacrifice, commitment, patience, endurance, selflessness, and above all, love is God.Nwise Chukwunonso Chukwuma

Love is God.Jeremiah Timothy

Love is beautiful and will always come around. Be patient.Motajo Temiloluwa Glory

Love: When another’s joy is your joy and their pain is your pain.Faola Bismarck

Love is not just a strong feeling or emotion, but a life dedicated to others and wishing the best for them just like we do for ourselves, especially when they don’t deserve it.Owoyeye David Oluwatomisin

Love means sacrifice…it means thinking about others before yourself and also giving (yourself, time, prayers and a whole lot).Kolawole Adesewa

Love is life! It is the oxygen we inhale. Love is the pillar that upholds our existence.Adefehinti Deborah

The godly lifestyle and sacrifice we make for others; a channel of peace, prosperity and unity. That is love.Tomiwa Job

Love is a feeling for a person that fits into your good intentions. – Ajibade Judah

Personally, when I think of love, three things come to mind: affection, devotion and sacrifice.Adebowale Ifeoluwa

Love, for me, is the self-sacrificial commitment to someone or something.Nwazue Israel

Same subject, different opinions. Variety makes life colorful they say. I will like to add my own color to this beautiful woven piece.

Love is giving.

You can add your own color too. Click the comment box below.

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