I remember my best friend, very kind and wise was she
We had a fight about something nonsensical you see
I told her it’s over, friends we can no longer be
It was great while it lasted but now c’est fini

Our favourite movie then was Akeelah and the bee
From it, she borrowed words in her long letter to me
‘Your greatest fear is not that you are inadequate
Your greatest fear is that you are powerful above measure.’
At that time I didn’t understand, I pondered but still, I couldn’t relate
All these years after, the realization sinks in and these words I’ve come to truly treasure.

I pushed everyone away because I feared I wasn’t enough
If I let go first, I have the upper hand, I’m the tough one
How did she realise my fear of commitment before I did?
She spelt it out clearly, it was so plain but I couldn’t see

The letter ended saying
‘I don’t want you to wake up one day to discover that you’ve lost a diamond while picking stones.’
How thorough and deep those words cut, they brought chills to my bones
What she didn’t know was that I purposely picked stones
How could someone like me call a diamond my own?
After all this time, I asked, who is someone like me?
Someone smart, someone talented, someone powerful indeed
I finally see my worth, it has dawned that I’m enough
All the while I’ve just been a diamond in the rough

But I lost a diamond, a true friend and mate
Could she still be found or is it too late?
We lose, we learn, what will be will be
Besides, I found a diamond and that diamond is me.

– Amara

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