Being deliberate about living well: Prevention is better than cure.

I feel I have to write this piece because there have been a lot of deaths and diseases in recent times. People are struggling with making a living and taking care of themselves simultaneously. The socioeconomic situation of the country has been really devastating for a lot of people. Especially as there is no health insurance coverage for a lot of Nigerians. Sadly, our health facilities are overwhelmed; there are not enough doctors, so the process is harrowing for many Nigerians. Even abroad, the health system is more complex. You have to book appointments sometimes a month after when you have a slot. My message is that now more than ever, being deliberate about living well: Prevention is better than cure.

One has to be intentional about living well, even when it is inconvenient and there seems to be no time to squeeze in a healthy diet. You have to find a way around your busy schedule and have fruits delivered. The World Health Organisation recommends 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. This is because fruits and vegetables are powerful antioxidants that help slow down the rate of oxidative stress our body’s cells are under. We need them now more than ever as oxidative stress is more due to industrialization and consumption of a lot of processed fumes, inhalation of fumes, and so on.

Cells in the body undergo aging when cell death overrides cell renewal. Normally, there should be a balance between cell death and cell replacement/cell renewal. The body’s homeostatic mechanisms ensure this balance. But sometimes, unhealthy lifestyles and diseases overwhelm the homeostatic mechanisms. Genetics also predispose some individuals to diseases of various kinds. We must help ourselves by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Fruits and vegetables should be top priorities on our list of foods. So we can supply antioxidants to the body.

Another important measure of prevention is eating a balanced diet to supply the body’s energy, proteins, and minerals. Proteins are the building blocks of our cells, our DNA. Eating carbohydrates alone is inappropriate; it should be balanced with all the other essential nutrients needed for the body to thrive. Fresh foods should be used to prepare meals, not processed foods like sardines. Preservatives used to preserve these processed foods are harmful if taken too often. They may cause a variety of health challenges. It is safer to prevent them. Drinking lots of water also helps to wash away toxins and keeps the body hydrated. Please avoid drinking soda or packaged juices too often. They contain an unhealthy amount of sugar and preservatives.

Exercise is also necessary to help break down all the accumulated calories from our diet. A healthy exercise regimen helps to keep the body trim and alert, and the oxygen supply to all the organs is more efficient. A good night’s sleep is also essential. The recommended healthy sleep is for 8 hours uninterrupted. Good sleep gives your body time to rest and recover.

Getting medical checkups is also essential. Checkups help you to quickly get on top of things medically. Anytime you feel funny or experience symptoms, please see a doctor immediately. Paying attention to your body’s signs, knowing when your body is fine and when it is acting up. As I said earlier in this article, being deliberate about your health is key. Prevention is ultimately better than cure. I have attached a timetable for students and a family…

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