Caps and Ties

Indeed, caps, unlike ties, have always been indiscriminate and empty of prejudice since the beginning of time. Nonetheless, they are usually subject to discrimination by humans who deem a certain cap fit for certain attires, people, and not another. However, is heavy not the head that wears the crown, and light is the one that wears the cap?

Not just Chapeau

Caps, in recent times, have transformed from being just “head covering” to the symbol of royalty, nobility, and sportsmanship. The quintessence of owambe, and the symbol of political actors. God forgive the one who says, caps are crap. And, I pity those who are not aware of its universality.

The Fez cap of Fez

Further, the presence of caps in world cultures is mysterious. From the fìlà of Yorùbás to the Hausa’s babban Riga that will be incomplete without fula. My regards to the noble Nze, and Ogbuefi, who are distinguished from the lot with their oval red headgear. Moreover, the Fez caps of Feat remind the Egyptians of the days before the emergence of Gamal Abdel Nasser as president.

Art of Hats

Undeniably, Europeans have a soft spot for caps! You should in fact be curious about the art of hats, and the superstitions surrounding beaver hats. Shall I tell you of the respected Kalpaq in the Caucasus, especially in Kyrgyzstan?

Caps are absolutely fascinating, and extremely fashionable, no carp. As for the Americas, cowboy hats can magnetize a maiden, and the eastern conical hat can make a hidden beauty glow.

Conical hats.

Before you accuse these fashion statements of gender discrimination, have you seen Elecheks?

In any case, do not forget to ask about berets, mushrooms, bowlers, and other types of hats.

Penultimately, may you never incur the anger of Gen Z who are familiar with seeing Ben Hogan hat (Bentigor) on old men. And, baseball and face-caps, and other hats are still trending in the 21st century after registering themselves in various sports.

Finally, a Turkish wears a kalpaq on a well-tailored suit without remorse, and the top hats are not missing on the traditional attire of our brethren in South-south. Then, the Fez caps have always had their ways among all cultures.

So, are you not considering sporting caps on other attires, apart from the usual ones you wear them on?

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