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HELLO LADIES!! Thanks for making it to the board again this week on fashion and oh Yh let’s talk about one of the ways we make ourselves look awesome, turban styles….Its no news that We all get bored of our hair do at times and we just want to wrap it all up, sometimes its cos our hair do has been long over due and we don’t know what to do about it since styling it has become cumbersome or maybe some people are just Muslims like me and have to cover their head everytime….you need a way out? Sweetheart, just get a turban.
Turban style has its history from the middle east, although a lot of African culture are known for various head wrap styles but the sikhs from the 15 century to this day are known to wrap their head in turban style. In modern times turban styles have certainly evolved as a lot of stylist and fashionista’s have incorporated it into their many looks.

Wrapping the turban is not as hard as it seems as there are easy trendy and simple modern styles you can try out like the ones below.
The turban styles shows rows of trendy ways to wrap the turban, each one in itself has a unique twist and look. Another question is what to wear when you wrap your head? the answer is pretty simple because you could wear almost anything with your head wrapped in a turban style. Here are some inspiration on what can be worn with an head wrap.


Your turban style can be a colorful print scarf like the one below. This colorful modern turban style is paired with jean shorts, a white shirt, a blue blazer, gold hoop earring and an African inspired necklace. Now this is a very chic style.
I love this look, its simply elegant and stress-less. An Ankara scarf wrapped in a turban style paired with a peach long sleeved shirt, gold earrings, matching Ankara print loose pants and a gold tip black suede pump. This look is contemporary African.
This look is awesome, as its an all roundAnkara print inspiration. The turban wrap made from two different Ankara fabric This look is innocent and classic

All in all, turbans are life savers and every lady should have one… Save one for the rainy day, Yh? So hi five to all my medical slay queens! Cheers to many more years of good fashion. Alright then, I drop my pen on this note…. Have a lovely week fam!

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