Drug Abuse and Addiction II

Drug abuse and addiction

Ever heard that the best way to stop a  thing is never to even go near it? The best way to avoid drug ABUSE is to avoid drug USE. This is because, the only assured way to prevent something is to never poke the dragon, not even once. Entering the world of drugs and becoming an addict is easy but the task to leave it is uphill. That is why you must educate yourself on the dangers of drug abuse and addiction.

Recognizing the various factors that can influence drug use is a great start to preventing the abuse and addiction of drugs. Some of these factors include Accessibility to drugs, Curiosity, Genetics, Mental Health Issues, Peer pressure, and so on.

Having easy and early access to drug use increases addiction risk. Younger users are more likely to develop full-blown addictions by the time they reach adulthood. As a result, it is advisable to enlighten teenagers about the risks associated with using illicit or prescription medications other than as directed, which you must completely avoid.

In addition, Studies show that person’s genetic composition determines whether or not one will develop a drug addiction. Others can become addicted to drugs after just one usage, and some people can take drugs consistently for years without becoming dependent. It may be more possible for a person to develop addiction problems if they have close relatives, like a parent, who are struggling with addiction.

Consequently, It’s more probable for those who suffer from extreme low self-esteem or mental health problems to try drugs and develop an addiction. Thus, if you have low self esteem or mental health issues, you should abstain from drugs and narcotics.

Furthermore, Some people dabble with drugs, especially teenagers and young adults, only to appear cool in front of other people. They do it to blend in with their group of ‘buddies’. Some kids mistakenly think that doing drugs will increase their popularity and acceptance among their peers. Addiction to drugs may and will be prevented by resisting peer pressure. One must also be wary of the kinds of friends moved with. There is no rule that the person who leads one down the path is some creepy guy in an ally or a weirdo at the party all messed up. More often than not, it is someone trusted or maybe even loved.

For one who has developed an addiction to drugs, It is not a hopeless situation. There are several ways to manage and overcome addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of them. It is a form of therapy that emphasizes the need to learn new skills and behaviors in the recovery process. It empowers the individual with effective ways of coping with the urge to take drugs.

Joining a support group for people battling with the same addiction is another great step to take to overcome dependence on drugs. This way one gets to share experiences with people going through similar situations. You also have a network of supporters who can offer different kinds of help that will aid recovery.

Additionally, Meditation exercises, physical exercises, and proper diets are incredible ways of coping and eventually overcoming drug addiction. Exercises are a good way of coping with stress and anxiety that may result from drug dependence. This they do by helping to restore dopamine levels in the brain to their normal levels before drug abuse. A good diet that includes healthy fats and adequate carbohydrates helps a brain damaged from drug abuse to heal properly.

In conclusion, It is important for one willing to overcome completely the abuse and dependence on drugs to seek professional help found at an addiction treatment facility. This way, you can properly address the underlying causes of addiction, and ways by which one can deal with future temptations thoroughly spelled out.

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