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Happy Eid Al Fitr, Y’all!

The sound of this, and the season that comes with it, has to be one of my most anticipated annual holidays. Perhaps, it’s the holiday it signifies or the low-key feastings that show us it’s just the small Sallah. The big is yet to come! Still, my excitement wouldn’t compare to the bellies that went a month raid of dawn-till-sunset fast—only that the new moon has decided to play a bit of tardiness.

Yet, in its eventual heavenly appearance, we are sure it will appear more so beautiful as it reconciles, once more, the belly and the food. 

But why are full moons ever so beautiful?

Ignoring this season’s moon that will likely be the most beautiful for the year — it, being the messiah of bellies — what about the other full moons that are there every other month? Or haven’t you ever been out once in that chilly, starry night, low clouds, and there’s that floating bigger ball looking all radiant?

But isn’t this moon the same that never ceases to tango with our blue Mother Earth? 

So, why should the same thing be ever so beautiful in our eyes?

Well, not just the moon! There’s also usually that one name our heart always rings out to our idle minds. That name — the same describes the one you just can’t get over seeing. Somehow, you’ve even come to believe it will take the whole of eternity to create a perfect picture of those almond eyes, puffed cheeks, and oh! Those lips! So, what do you do? You always create time to see that one,  and you never get bored of doing so!

But nature teaches us that when that one thing is so much in your eyes, in your sensations, you, somehow, stop perceiving its presence. We define this as habituation, which is a decrease in responsiveness upon repeated exposure to a stimulus. Now, I wouldn’t request to slap you until you can’t feel it, but have you ever thought of how many times you notice yourself breathing in a day? 

Slow down here. You aren’t dead, I think. 

But it’s just a simple rule that we most times tend to ignore an appearance or occurrence—a stimulus—when it comes to us in an ever unchanging state. 

So the full moon is ever so beautiful as it has found a way to conceal a part of itself for the major part of every month. And you probably can’t get over that one person because they aren’t as a track in your playlist. Instead, they are the whole playlist that gets updated every Friday night while maintaining the integrity of the goodness that makes them eternally attractive. 

As we go on then, welcoming this season with the appearance of the new full moon, my note to you is this: “Be creative, be unpredictably gorgeous, and be spectacular!” And we at MediVoice promise to be the same. 

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