Editor’s Note

It’s a beautiful new week and MediVoice has once again brought all of the amazing content you didn’t know you needed to your screens. We all want to have a snack once in a while, but with many businesses still not fully open, our food column has a homemade recipe for one of the most popular foods for you to try out soon. Laugh out loud and learn how to switch up outfits in this week’s fashion story and now that the pandemic has greatly shifted our understanding on time, read more about the phenomenon. Our health column teaches you all about memories and the brain processes responsible for them and if you’re open to learning about another certain important brain process, don’t miss the relationship column’s explanation of love languages and how to speak them. Don’t forget to leave your comments and anticipate our theme pieces centered on Desire for the month of August to be published from next week. We hope to keep you glued to your screen this week and happy end of the month in advance. Stay safe!

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