Holidays for Me

A holiday for me has been a period I always look forward to. Why? Well, it’s time to have fun and spend a whole lot of family time. A break from the early morning routine of running to lecture halls just to sit in front, or is it the late-night readings, whichever?

The beginning of the holidays is usually the most fun, with the euphoria of sleeping in and eating as much as you can with no worries of being called for an impromptu class or practical. However, that euphoria seems to wear away as the holidays begin to grow longer. I usually wonder why it is usually like that, or is it just me?

All the fun seems to go on their vacations, and boredom begins to sit comfortably. I start missing school and friends and begin to wish the holidays were at their end already, especially when you are a student of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University that gives long breaks for Africa.

This pattern eventually took a twist for the 2019 Christmas holidays. That holiday was one I never wanted to come to an end, at least not just yet, but nothing lasts forever, yeah?

Who else is curious about what made this holiday different? Let’s travel down memory lane. I hope you’ll come back from the world of imagination after this tour.

Residing in the northern part of the country, there are not too many fun places to visit to have an enjoyable holiday experience.

I have always preferred to travel back to my place of origin to spend my holidays, not because the journey is a wonderful experience. It was because Lagos (oh yeah, that’s my place of origin) was the mother city of fun with stress, as its kids. So, that particular year, I agreed with my parents that I wouldn’t be traveling up north for the Christmas holidays; rather, I would travel down to Lagos, and they would come and join me.

As the semester drew close to an end, I was excited. It was not because the exams were smiling at me but because the baby girl was spending her holidays in the mother city of fun. I am sure you are feeling this excitement with me.

Fast forward to semester end; time to travel for the holidays. That fateful day for my scheduled journey, fate wasn’t smiling at me at all. On getting to the park, no vehicle was going to Lagos, and we were all waiting. My siblings set a time limit; once the time was up and there was no vehicle, we wouldn’t travel again. EHN!!!! It was then that I had to start praying all kinds of prayers possible because, ko le funny. Nobody can come and spoil my plans, oo, Rara!

Well, my God answers prayers, and so before the time limit expired, lo and behold, we saw a vehicle, and off we went. The journey was another experience entirely, a story for another day, so we don’t stay too long in the imagination world.

On arriving in Lagos, nobody needed to tell you it’s a festive period; now that’s what I’m talking about. So many sites to feed your eyes and discussions to feed your ears.

My experience getting to my final destination is a whole seasonal story on its own. You don’t want to know about it. Well, my conclusion was, “I cannot settle in Lagos.” This sentence explains everything already. HAHAHA. I sha thank God for life.

My place of residence was Ikorodu GRA, and it was a quiet and less busy area, so we had our privacy for a family get-together and other stuff.

Family Get-together

My first event was the family get-together we had. I got to see new faces I was told were my relatives, and I’m like, really? Thinking back, I cannot even remember all the faces I saw that day, sef. Anyway, God what? God dey.

It was actually fun; we ate and chatted, and, not to forget, we took pictures. Very important. That’s about my first event.

Atican Beach Experience

The second event and the most eventful was my trip to Atican Beach in Lekki. The whole trip from Ikorodu to Lekki was an event in and of itself. I fed my eyes until my sockets couldn’t hold them any longer.

My eyes knew that something was going on, not to mention my smile. Ha! I pitied my smile and cheek muscles that day because the photos I took, ehn. I took my time on the beach.

Let me share a little secret with you guys. Mosinmiloluwa is hydrophobic, so adjusting to the big body of water right under my nose was not easy. I was scared to go near the river banks. Thank God for my family, who helped me overcome that fear.

I was able to go close and pick seashells and feel the water on my skin.

My fear was actually worth it because the ocean decided to pay me a visit, taking along valuables with it. The water swept my shoes and shades away. How? I cannot tell. O dun mi sha, there was nothing I could do but let it have it.

There were horses to also ride on and have a tour around the beach; however, Mosinmiloluwa has another secret here; she is zoophobic too. So I couldn’t take a horse ride. It’s a pity what fear can do to someone; it limits you from breaking waves.

Well, I still had fun though; we had a picnic, made new friends, made videos, and played. Wahala for who dey form big girl for play, oo. As I earlier said, nothing lasts forever; our time at the beach was over. We had to leave, and leave we did.

Ship Dock Holiday Adventures

However, the day’s event wasn’t over. My dad had to visit his naval coursemate at the ship dock, so we all tagged along. Wow!!! That ship dock was something else. I saw a ship upfront. Likeeeee it was soo beautiful. We went sightseeing at the dock too, and lest I forget… I admire the naval uniform so much. I started reconsidering my career path, but nevertheless, we what? We move. As my saying goes, “nothing lasts forever,” it was running late, and we had to return home. It was a full day of fun. That memory is evergreen.

Our journey was finally coming to an end, we have arrived at the last event, which was an outing to Ikeja city mall and Dominoes. Here, we did a lot of sightseeing and snapping photos majorly, though the food was not an exception I mean what’s an outing without food? Well, we saw a movie at the cinema and we played games. It was also a fun-filled experience. Telling this story now, I can literally picture myself in Dominoes waiting for my pizza order to be ready while I took Coldstone ice cream, for the sake of you guys, let me stop there else you begin to salivate.

Ikeja City Mall and Dominoes

Nothing lasts forever yeah…my holiday days in Lagos were numbered, Kaduna was already calling my name and I had to answer. I felt like the holidays shouldn’t end. But really, why can’t something interesting last forever? Well, who knows I might have gotten bored of it sef.

Goodbye, Holiday!

I had to say goodbye to Lagos and my cousins and welcome Kaduna and boredom. The only reason l was happy to return to Kaduna was the cold weather I would meet, unlike the hot weather in Lagos. The way the atmosphere changed ehn as I landed in Kaduna, no one needed to tell me I was back home. Back to the dry streets and harmattan.

With the way 2020 has been with the coronavirus and endsars saga, I doubt if Lagos would be an option to spend my Christmas holiday, Lagos, being the hub of the virus. Well, we never can tell…who knows what God has in store for us?

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