Just do it

You might have some goals you have been putting off for ages. Or a new thing you have been meaning to try, but never gave yourself the freedom to. This is a reminder that everyday, you get a chance to do whatever you want. Yesterday is in the past. But today, you can be a better version of yourself. A new day, a new week, a new month, that time belongs to you. Take the time everyday to be grateful and validate whatever it is that drives you. To your success.

Daybreak – Dr Dami Ajayi

Night said, “There’s nothing more
Heart-breaking than watching a day break”

Day stared into the abyss

Night continued, “First there is a void gloom,
Like in the Genesis, like after the apocalypse, after
Mankind expunges itself.”

Day held his peace.

Night continued, “Imagine how a teacher confronts a blackboard
With chalk, dawn is born in slithering streaks,
Every streak a degree towards Zen.”

Day smiled and said, “A gatekeeper lights a cigarette,
Smoke whorls rise gracefully skywards
And dawn is born”

And they both said day break is poetry.

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