Lord of Rings

He swears by the grave of
his great grandfather’s cousin’s wife

That when the stars of the sky,
Align in one perfect line

When it rains for a whole week,
Without stop, in the Sahara.

When he can win a race against a cheetah
Standing on his palms, juggling a knife

When the moringa tree in your backyard
Bears an orange and a pawpaw

When the sun goes blue
And the moon goes pink

Then he will marry you.
You, the love of his life
Whom he loves more than
Anything else in the world.

But there is one star
Not exactly in line, you see

And it only rained in the Sahara
Six days and twenty hours

And he can barely run a 100m dash
While standing on his two feet

And the moringa tree
Bears only pawpaws

The moon is just a little too green
And the sun is just too red

So you two can’t get married now
Even though you’ve been engaged for years
So now, my dear, you’ve officially become

The Lord of the rings

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