All I could hear were the birds. If I listened closely enough, I could recognize the tunes that had been sung since we moved here. It is just me and Dan in this big house with many playrooms. Dan went out to get some food. He said he has a surprise for me when he gets back. I took my bath and dressed up quickly. Dan says I must always look my best. At least, this dress has long sleeves and covers up my bruises from last week.
I heard the back door clanging. Dan is back. He holds up the new Disney movie I have been badgering him for, and a bucket of ice cream. “Here is your surprise, darlin’,” he drawls. I hug him happily. We are 30mins into the movie when Dan rubs his hand up and down my thighs. “It’s time to play, little girl,” he whispers in my ears.

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