MB Series: “Dear Part 2 Medic, the secret is…”

Dear Part 2/200L/Preclinical 1 medic, the secret is: “the medical board exam is not as bad as it sounds…👇🏼.

On today’s episode of Med School Lifestyle, let’s talk a bit about the ‘IT’ season in medical school🤡- The Medical Board Exams (MBE). Or as we all like to call it, the “MB”.

MB season is one of the most frantic experiences of a medic’s campus life, leaving everyone with a story to tell. I need not say more🤐🤌🏽.

It’s a time that brings out the best and worst in us, and Twitter memes are a testament of that.

Even your non-medic roommates will feel the exam chills and in many cases, they might pick up some medical lingo & slangs.

E go reach everybody 😂

But amidst all the chaos, aren’t there perks that come with the season? We thought it’d be nice to enlighten Preclinical 1 students that “MB” is not solely a vicious cycle as it’s commonly construed.

📌So, what things make an MB exam not-that-bad at the end of the day? 

📌What do medics wish their scared self knew about the first (Part 2) MBE, before writing it? 

📌Are there positive things you can focus on instead or are there even fun things to look forward to?

Here’s what some IFUMSAites have to say about their First (Part 2) MBE experience:

Expect lots of love 🥰♥️

The thought of leaving one class and moving forward to the next can serve as a motivation to make one see that MB exam is not so bad after all. Also, the love one gets from several people during that period is so beautiful. ☺️ Lots and lots of love and support🥺🥰.

I don’t really think there’s much i wish I knew before writing my first MB other than the fact that practical exam was also very important.. Not just Theory and OBJ.

The fact that some other people passed through the same thing you’re going through and majority came out just fine is a positive thing to focus on instead of being scared of failing.

The anticipated freedom! 🤸🏼‍♂️🤸🏼‍♀️

Also, the freedom that comes with finishing MB, is blisss 😂😩.. You can catch up with friends, family and do other things medicine didn’t afford you the luxury of time to do. (before the next class sha 😂)

Excel, Part 3

Expect MB packages😋 🍽️

I don’t think MB exams are exactly bad. Many people dread it, but the good thing is virtually everybody is also in that boat.

There’s nothing really to be scared about. So far you’ve covered the topics and you didn’t isolate yourself in the name of reading because what you will pick up from your classmates might just be what will make the difference. There’s usually this feeling of ‘I’m not prepared’ a day to the exam, especially when you try to peek at the PQs, lol. Never let it get to your head.

Well, you can always look forward to the MB package from the faculty and clubs you’re in😂

You’re moving forward! ⬆️

 And you can also focus on the fact that you are going to be out of part 2 in a few🫠 and let that be your drive♥️.

Anonymous, Part 4

Others scaled through. You will too!

MB reminds me that it is the end of an era and the beginning of another.

I was not scared in Part 2. I was eager to write the exam. Part 3 was when I experienced fear. I’ve shared my experience about that year of my life a couple of times. A number of things didn’t seem like they were going well for me so I was afraid. I was afraid that what if I write this too and like previous times do not perform well? It was a tough training for my mind but I’m here today.

So, I wish I knew and trusted God without an iota of doubt that He was for me. That even from the beginning of the chaos. He had the best of intentions for me.

I’ll also tell you one last thing Ade (now a Dr) told me then. He said if you fail, then it only means more than half your class failed and that would be impossible 😂😂. I’m not sure what motivation that was. I don’t know if he was trying to hype me or he really believed that much in me but it worked. I began to imagine myself as a stakeholder in the class that’s even when Part 3 was dealing with me.

Here’s the catch – people who are not as smart as you have gone through it and scaled through. Yours will not be different.💚

Avastoria, Part 6

MB season is “Cash-out” Season 🤑🫰💵

During the MB exams, the love, support, and care shown by family, friends, even clubs and organizations you’re involved in, is usually amplified during this period, and you just want to be immersed in that forever. There’s always home to look forward to after all the stress and rigors of the exams.😃

There is no reason to be scared😃 as long as you do the right things at the right time. Yeah, fear is a natural reaction to unknown things (definitely!) but it does more harm than good. Being conscious of time both before and during the exams is also important. It’s the most important ally you’ve got. Also, your kind of approach towards examiners during the oral examination matters a lot. 

Lastly, MB period is always a cash-out period for medical students. Your families, even the uncle you’ve never heard of, all want to shower you with love, money (very important) and support.

You also get to see your classmates in ridiculous outfits during Viva😂.

You suddenly see that boy who’s always on palms and short looking all decent on corporate wear. Always fun to see.

You’ve got this Champ💪🏾.  Work hard, leave no stone unturned, eat well and pray. And always remember, the entirety of IFUMSA is rooting for you. Go and Win!🔥🔥

Anonymous, Part 3

The only “new” stuffs are the theory, practicals and orals 😏

I was so nervous for my first MB that on the eve of my part 2 exam, I experienced a mental block and found it difficult to recall what I had studied. I reached out to my friend, Esther Babs, and her company proved to be really helpful. Interestingly, we covered certain topics that appeared in the Anatomy exam the next day. I am grateful for wonderful friends like her. 

The MB exam period can be quite distressing for most medical students. We are often unsure of what to expect, and there is a substantial amount of topics to cover. It’s common to experience symptoms like palpitations, tachycardia, and insomnia😅 but find strategies that work best for you during this challenging time.

I managed to get two distinctions, even though I didn’t initially think I could achieve even one. I wasn’t actively aiming for a distinction. I was simply being diligent as a student and had been studying and engaging with other bright minds throughout.

Retrospectively, my first MB exams wasn’t really bad because what was new would be the Theory, Practical and Oral Exams.

IFUMSA did a good job of orienting the entire class on the best approach to tackle all segments. This is really important as you’ll learn how to deliver your answers in a structured way that will earn you more marks.

I wish I was told earlier that Medicine encompasses both breadth and depth. Know as much as you can in all areas and never neglect high-yield topics. I think many people spend too much time and energy reading some aspects they find interesting and ignore other areas. It was hard learning the medical jargons at first but trust me, it gets better with time.

Generally, create a well-rounded experience that encompasses both academic and personal growth.

Remember, you only live once!

Temitope, Part 5

The stress will fade out once you start 🧘‍♀️

The stress will fade out once you start and you will enjoy the exam period. 

It comes with a feeling of “I will soon get done”. 

No matter the kind of question, if you read you will surely have something to write down😂 Writing a theory exam after a very long time might seem difficult but, trust me, it will be smooth. Just read.

Ogaga, Part 3

Fight like the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s ark! 😂

I think I should have been more confident in my abilities to scale through and pass the MB. Also, I should have been wise enough to realize that the journey to MB starts from first week of classes (still yet to internalize this lesson, lol😂).

Be confident and also try to eliminate fear. Also, strategic planning of the things you intend to read is important too. Furthermore, for people on the borderline, they should know that they have all the time in the world after the first 2 weeks of MB so they should give their possible best to the preparations and ensure that their morale is high. If they’re going to fight for a spot, they should fight like the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s Ark.

Anonymous, Part 4

Hacks, tips & and OT’s 💡

Omo, the mere thoughts of Medical Board Exams can induce palpitations.  However, no better feeling than the love one gets from family and friends, calls, words of encouragement, money. I mean, that’s the greatest energy booster, guys💪😭. Reading and revising with friends also has a way of reducing the exam tension because you get this relief when you find out you weren’t the only one that didn’t read a particular topic😂😂 

“We gather dey”😁😈

Part 2 MB… Hmmmm!! The stories of the dreaded Medical Board Exams (the first ever) was dawning fast on us. I started to dream about “upper-lower”, wishing all the superhero movies stuff were possible so I’d finish the syllabus a hundred times over. In all, I wish we were never told about the MB as a horror movie🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂… it made us work extra hard though (no doubt), but in a way, it never availed us opportunity to embrace some of the nice experiences we had, not until the exam was over and yeah, God did it🙏💯

So guys, first off, I’ll tell you these 5 golden rules for free…you can thank me later😌😁

  • Solve PQs
  • Keep solving PQs
  • Never underestimate any PQ whether or not it’s a rumor that it will come out.
  • Where 2 or 3 are gathered solving PQs, chale, you must be in their midst 😁😁😁
  • Keep revising all the PQs you’ve solved🕺🕺

Finally, the exams will come and go but what you did while it lasted matters a lot. You’ve got this champs….go for gold🥇💪💪💪💪💪

Okuabasi, Part 6

And that’s it guys, you’ve heard it from the horse(s) mouth. Like literally heard all about the medical board exams. MediVoice is rooting for you at this time.

And if at all you need someone to talk to feel free to reach out to any member of the IFUMSA Care Team. Your mental health matters a lot more now.

Yours sincerely,

(Your favourite Medical School Chroniclers ✌🏻😇)

P.S: if you didn’t get my ‘IT’ joke in the beginning, repent 🤡 

And in case your school doesn’t use the term Part 2 like us, Part 2 refers to 200L or Preclinical 1 in Med school. Ciao!

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