Med School should not make you lose your ‘Steeze’

“Don’t let med school make you lose your steeze” = “Don’t let med school scrub away your personal style!”

Just as a doctor scrubs into surgery, med school can sometimes feel like it’s scrubbing away at your individuality. But don’t let that happen! Keep your steeze; and personal style shining through.

“Steeze” refers to a person’s unique style, swag, or confidence. Med school may be challenging and demanding, but define your identity and personality by more than just your profession – remember who you are beyond your scrubs!.

In med school, formals is our assigned attire because we are ‘ideal’ citizens. Let’s maintain our ‘steeze’ even in formals, keeping our personal style and confidence shining through!

Here are some ways to do it:

Have a personal fashion statement:

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a personal fashion statement as “clothes that you wear or something else that you own in order to attract attention and show other people the type of person you are.”

An Ankara-printed scrub cap just the way Dr. Marcus Andrews does it in the movie ‘Good Doctor’ is a personal fashion statement.

Yours could be adding statement earrings to your outfits or always using briefcase-style design bag.
Whatever it is, it distinguishes you and elevates your steeze.

Never be caught unfresh:

Okay, Okay, this is a rather overly used phrase but right here, it’s you paying attention to everything you wear. Formal it is, but is it well-pressed? Is your shoe well-polished?
Never wear a wrinkled shirt or a poorly polished shoe, it’ll ruin your steeze.

Note the ‘Nevers’
  • Never wear a torn outfit
  • Never wear wrinkled outfits
  • Never go out with unpolished shoes
  • Never improperly tuck in your shirt.
  • Never wear an outfit without accessorising.

Be Consistent:

I was in a conversation with my sister about how some girls on campus would look so good to attend lectures. Beautiful, right? Then a third party in our conversation made a comment

But if you see some of these girls during examination periods, they ‘unslay'”.

Now, that should not be the case. To maintain your steeze, you have to be consistent.
Don’t dress so highly to lectures and during in- course and MB periods you ‘unslay’.

Stay consistent!

Wear a smile:

Fashion is way beyond the outfits we wear, the way we present ourselves is everything! So my dear colleagues, senior and incoming colleagues, Smile!

Don’t let the workload med school has to offer tear that pretty smile from your face. A tiring and worrisome face would hurt your ‘steeze’. Wear a smile!


Keep in mind that med school is a journey, and it’s okay to evolve and grow. Don’t let the pressures of med school suppress your personality and style. Embrace your “steeze” and keep shining!

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