Hey peopleeeeee !!! Feels so good to be back here and all.

So this week is going to feature one of my favorite designers (not like I have a whole closet adorned with their work of art…but one day B….one day) Christian louboutin! Yes yes, like any other regular lady I certainly am not immune to the exotic charm of a red bottom heel, and trust me when I’m done making money moves like cardi B, I’m gonna get me some bloody shoes …hehe. So let’s get straight to it,shall we?
It can be said that no closet is ever complete without Christian Louboutin shoes. They are Elegant, classic, and timeless, and undoubtedly, the fashionable woman’s best weapon. Louboutins, as they’re fondly called, have earned iconic status by being the perfect pair to dress up even the simplest of dresses, thanks to their signature shiny red-lacquered soles. The French luxury footwear brand is favored by royalty and celebrities alike, including Queen Rania, Princess Mary of Denmark, Blake Lively, and Dita Von Teese.
The very first shoes Christian Louboutin designed were inspired by Diana, Princess of Wales. Seeing the famous photo of the Princess infront of the Taj Mahal, the legendary designer said “[in the photo] she was looking at her feet and I thought she looked so sad… it would be nice to have something to make her smile, when she looked at her feet.” And so Louboutin made suede flats with ‘LOVE’ written in his signature red. Awesome inspiration right?
Entry-level pairs of Louboutins start at $495 and their Swarovski-crystal encrusted versions can go up to $6,000. Christian Louboutin also offers custom-made services for its shoes. If the style is existing, 30 percent will be added to the standard price, but if you’re looking for something far more unique, prices start at $4,000.
So that’s all from me this week! in case y’all are still wondering what to get me for my next birthday or even just as a courtesy “i love reading your column gift” honey pie just get me some red bottoms! Muah…have an awesome week guys

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