Hey People!! As always, it is nice to be back here, serving you with good stuff to read. Y’all can agree with me that it’s been quite a week, yh? Starting with the whole controversy about Falz’s ‘this is Nigeria’ video (which I personally think was awesome BTW, the song has been on my lips for quite some time now). Then the UCL final which had reading rooms practically empty last week Saturday (I meannn… I was “shook” with the way guys were running from bus stop to amphi like their life depended on it) Please don’t ask me why I missed the match…boo didn’t invite me noni *sad face* , But I hope y’all had a nice UCL time. To the Chelsea fans that won’t get to see their people next season, ndo. Then Mo Sallah’s stans, I also pray he recovers in time for the World Cup.
Also, Adekunle Gold dropped his album some days ago (amazing tracks), Nigerians are screaming about how the 41k Nike super eagles jersey is too expensive, yet some sizes are already sold out and the “not too young to rule” bill got signed (even though lots of people have reservations as to if this actually translates to a better Nigeria or a means to serve the children of the elites)…anyway,we can only hope for the best. Then the Ifumsa Honor’s day!!! All shades of awesome! Kudos to team excellence and the whole IARC team,led by the Amazing Tosin Ogunwole.
Let me guess, you also just realized I’ve talked so much and haven’t mentioned fashion yet,right? I am aware *sobs* ….pardon me, I just had to purge out the whole gists.
Let’s get straight to it now,shall we?
This week we will be talking About the natural hair that seems to be the hair goal of most ladies in recent times, or some are just like me and their hair turned natural unintentionally.. Lmao (that’s a gist for another day). I bet most people don’t know that there is an actual “natural hair movement” that was born in the USA during the 2000s, it is called mouvement nappy in french speaking countries.
Even though the idea of black Women wearing their hair in naturally curly styles or other non straight, protective styles have been subject to controversies in past times, I’m happy that we are rising above it and doing so many things to maintain our hair and make it the new sexy.
There are few rules and essential products to having a superb and healthy natural hair, though they could be demanding and tasking. Some of which includes regular deep conditioning, hydration and moisturization. Several hair products are also to be used and this depends on individual’s budget (Shea butter could come in handy), you should also have regular trimming of split ends, Protection from friction by sleeping with satin or silk scarves and bonnets. You can also watch more videos on hair care tips
This can also be styled in various ways like ; decorating the afro Puffs with bendable accessories, gold cuffs on locs, braided buns,banku knots etc
To all the naturalists out there, especially my good friend Teniola! keep up with the amazing stuff!!

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