5 Most Ridiculous Fashion Trends of Our Time

DISCLAIMER: This is an entirely opinionated post, feel free to feel whatever, I'd prefer you don't feel offended though.

I have been privileged to be a fashion blogger for a year and some months now, and this has helped improve my fashion sense and knowledge from like 0.2% to say 2.5%, a massive amount of growth, no doubt. Indeed, I have become more open-minded, but still, there are some fashion trends I could not wrap my head around no matter how hard I tried, and boy did I try! Perhaps you could help me understand?

Cut out crop tops

Did someone just wake up one morning and decide that crop tops weren’t cropped enough and then go ahead to shorten them all the way so that it stops right on top of the boobs? It’s such a perfect spot, too, am I right? Then most people who wear this usually do so above a normal crop top🤡. Well, the sleeved cut-out crop tops could actually prove to be useful in a number of ways but the thin-strapped ones? Please, make it make sense😩

Ripped/Distressed Shirts

It totally beats me how this is a trendy style. How? Why? Am I the only one seeing rags😥? Oh well, I guess it is one way to recycle. But come on. I mean, these shirts look like they were eaten by rats and not the creative kind. Yeesh!

Distressed ripped Jeans/ Crazy jeans

While some crazy jeans do make some creative sense, others are true to the name ‘crazy.’

You wanna see crazy?

Now, if you pair these with a ripped shirt and I happen to see you, you best believe I will be sorely tempted and will likely give in to that temptation to ask if you escaped a mental health facility or perhaps were attacked by and narrowly escaped a wild beast. But then, again, I might not because what if, plot twist, you were indeed attacked by a wild beast, and you now have rabies? Curiosity might then succeed in killing the cat, and this poor human kitty, sadly, doesn’t have nine lives.

Mini bags

Jaquemus revived this trend back in the fall of 2017, which begs the question: “why was this ever even a trend?” This bag is so tiny it could serve as a pendant. It holds practically nothing except maybe small jewellery, and so the functional purpose of its being a bag is defeated. It is no wonder that this trend is famous among celebrities and rich people who have people around them to hold their phones and whatnots, making it possible to attend events with just a mini bag and don’t even get me started on the price.

Single dangling earring

I actually love this trend and it could be really fun until your ear starts to feel weary from the load it is carrying since there is no balance or you constantly have to answer questions about the second pair’s whereabouts, not to mention that buying just a single earring seems to be the height of ridiculousness. Why buy one when you can have two, the complete pair?

So, that is all, for now, guys. Thanks for reading, and feel free to let me know what other fashion trends you’ve found ridiculous.

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