How to Mix and Match Patterns.

It’s March and today we’re talking about marching, I mean matching patterns😁.

When it comes to patterns it is one thing to be bold and confident enough to combine them at all and then it is another thing entirely to do so without looking…what’s the word oh yeah, chaotic! It is therefore understandable that a majority of us have tagged any combo of pattern on pattern as a fashion no no. But, my people, not all pattern mixes are blunders and so that awfully outdated mentality must be corrected.

Combining patterns makes it evident that you’re very fashionable and there are numerous beautiful ways to mix them. Once you’re able to successfully combine patterns,you can be sure you’ve reached and attained the title of Fashionista. Here are a few tips to help you out when pairing patterns.

  1. Think colours: When pairing patterns, your first thought shouldn’t be the patterns, it should be the colours. If the colours of the outfits you picked look good together then the patterns on them will likely look good together too and you’re half way there. If you’re still a novice when it comes to colours just keep in mind that you can never go wrong with black and white.

2. Stick to a colour palette: When matching different patterns, it best to use similar tones of colours, when you do this, the individual pieces appear like they are cut from the same cloth, literally, and will come out extremely elegant and stylish. For a more vibrant look, you can of course add black and white patterns especially if the colours in the palette are bright.

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3.Make sure at least one colour matches: Still on colour, when clashing patterns ensure that the patterned pieces you have chosen share at least one colour in common. Note that this colour should be dominant on both pieces. This will help create a streamlined look.

4. Spread the patterns: If you’re still feeling incredulous about pairing patterns then you can simply spread the patterns more evenly across your look. A good way to do this is by using letter print tops on patterned bottoms either skirts, shorts or trousers or simply by accessorizing with patterned accessories like a leopard print purse, belt or shoes. A Leopard print purse goes with every outfit and that’s on periodttt.

Here are some patterns you most likely already have in your wardrobe and the patterns that would go well with them. Use the tips above when combining them and you can be sure that your pattern slaying will be as easy as pie.

Floral prints: They go with stripes. If the floral prints are large then mix with thin stripes and vice versa. Floral prints can also be mixed with polka dots, letter print tops and other florals of different size and in the same colour scheme e.g. smaller flowers atop larger ones.

Polka dots: This pattern goes well with stripes, graphic print, checks, leopard and of course polka dots.

Stripes: This pattern is the neutral of the pattern world. Yeah, that’s right. Hard as it might be to believe, it goes with every other pattern. You just have to use your inner eye and sense of fashion to discern and determine what size and orientation of stripes go with your outfit.

So dear reader, go ahead and take a risk this month by pairing patterns. Sprinkle a polka dotted tie atop a checkered shirt or wear a plaid shirt with a striped inner. However you mix and match just ensure you look gooood( in Henry Hart’s voice)…and yes I still watch Henry Danger, leave me please 😂. Have a great week.

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