FASHION!! Shall we gist???!!

Good day to all our Medivoice readers! How has September been for you? Well, it’s just nine days into the month and a lot has happened to make me feel like we’re weeks into this month! Especially if you’re following the whole drama in the hip hop world like me. First with Kamikaze, Rap devil (blehhh!), The Nicki and Cardi beef, Mac Miller dying (RIP). etc! Well, shall we discuss few fashion headlines that has taken place this September? 

I’ll start with the AMVCA’s that went down on the first of September. This year’s AMVCA had people talking more about the fashion of the various celebrities that graced the occasion. Well, because in most peoples opinion, The celebrities and Fashion designers in Nigeria have made a lot of improvements. Some of my personal favorites were Osas Ajibade, Omotola Jolade, Rita DOMinic and Ebuka. There were others that were also somewhat weird, with Oreta Godis serving us African Japapanese vibes, we had the Ankara umbrella Man and there was also a bat Woman.. Yep, we had that. And then Bambam (LMAO) i’m laughing because Nigerians can be so meannnn! To me the outfit wasn’t all that bad actually, maybe too much for the event, but certainly not horrible.. Hehe, I guess Bambam should have learnt from what happened to Sheyishay during the Headies, that Nigerians just don’t like feathers!
Then we also had Baba nla himself (WIZKID) repping us at the GQ Awards for Man of the year that took place in London on the 6th of September. He escorted the Supermodel, Naomi Campbell and they looked awesome together, little wonder that they were the talk of the whole night!
Happy holidays to those going on break!.. While to my fellow College people that still have months before getting any break, I say, “Nolite te Bastardes Carborundum!”
-M. Tee

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