FASHION!! It’s that time of the year!!


Hello lovelies! How have the past three or four weeks been?? Miss me much?? Well, I’ve missed dropping articles on here too and we’re deeply sorry for the prolonged silence (ish) on this board. We’re forgiven right?, Amen, Amen?
So its that time of the year!!! That time when it’s so easy to be inclined towards laziness and the desire to just lay in bed all day (I know I was a perfect victim this past week, especially it being a lecture free week.. Yh, you also see where I’m coming from?) *sobs* . We all know how life threatening that desire could be around here,lol. Still wondering what I’m all about?
Yh,you guessed right.
I’m talking about the weather we have going on now, with ‘a rarely sunny day’ and light to heavy rain showers that could come pouring down unexpectedly at any time of the day. The one that gets you stuck under the roof of bus stops(or anything else that can pass for a shelter),hopping around in soggy socks,muddy shoes and drenched clothes.
Rainy seasons.
Despite the inconveniences it brings, I guess its still one of my favorite time of the year (don’t judge me,who doesn’t love a weather for two?) Anyway, where does fashion come in to all of this?
First of all, the beauty of being a fashion forward person is the ability to be prepared for all seasons, and as someone used to say “come rain or shine,you have to slay” we should take that literally now,no?. Here are some of the things I would like to call the “starter packs” for this weather:
√pocket umbrellas; depending on the size of your backpacks or handbags as the case may be,you might like to have a pretty and effective umbrella handy, in case of rainy days…yh,pun intended.
√Go-to thick denim jackets; you could get this or any other nice jacket that can be easily won over dresses when its cold and still look stylish.
√fancy sweatshirts/hoodies; yh, you can stay warm without necessarily looking like you missed your way from the moon or something.
√Keep it sturdy in dark colors; wearing white shoes in this period may not be the best choice. In order to stay clean all day,go for black as it shows little signs of debris.
√Wear the right shoes; when it’s raining you need to keep your best shoes away,water damages a lot of them and rubber sandals are the best for easy cleaning. your rain boots can can also come in very handy and avoid shoes with slippery soles to avoid falling on a wet surface.
√ ladies,your hair!; It’s best to make braids or keep your natural hair during rainy season to avoid your weave being damaged by the rain, if you ever get caught in it…or better still, go around with your shower cap nicely hidden in your bag.
My people! While that’s going to be all from me this week, I really hope we slay better this weather moving forward and that we resist the urge to miss classes for more hours in bed, hehe!

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