Your Fave T-shirt in Six Cool Ways

Everyone has a favourite T-shirt, right? I know I do, and you most likely do too. Have you ever felt like you wear that shirt a little bit too much?

Maybe you’ve been in a situation where there is this one particular person whom you always seem to bump into once in a while, but anytime you do, you always coincidentally happen to be wearing the same T-shirt making it seem as though that is the only outfit in your closet. Or maybe, just maybe, that person was audacious enough to ask why you’re always wearing that shirt (not that it is any of their business).

Well, I think the only way such a person will think or say such is if you’re always wearing that T-shirt the same way every single time, especially if it is the very conventional, oh so typical T-shirt and jean trousers.

Last time I brought you six ways to style your plaid shirt but this time around I’m bringing you another set of six tips on how to style your favourite T-shirt.

  1. With a camisole

A really cool way to wear your T-shirt is to layer it with a camisole. The camisole could be a deep v-neck or a round-neck. It could be cropped or full, it could be wool, crochet, cotton or silk. This is a really stylish way to spice up your T-shirt after pairing it with a nice pair of jeans.

2. With Overalls

Overalls over a T-shirt is a great casual look. The overalls could be fitted or baggy depending on your preference. You could also wear a cap or hat to add some panache. Overalls over a T-shirt have a way of making you look younger so if you’re looking to give off some playful, cute and young vibes then overalls are the way to go.

3. With a jacket

T-shirts go with literally every type of jacket. Is it jeans, leather, varsity, a blazer? You name it! Wearing a jacket over your T-shirt is a great way to style it. You could look cute casual or pretty professional with the right type of jacket.

4. With a pencil skirt

A T-shirt with a fitted pencil skirt is an amazing look!. You could look professional and work-ready by tucking the T-shirt into the skirt, wearing heels and adding a piece of statement jewellery or you could opt for a casual, outdoorsy look by tying the lower part of the T-shirt and wearing sneakers or sandals. A necklace and hat to add some swag are pretty cool too.

5. With palazzo trousers

Palazzo trousers are so versatile and comfortable, plus they look absolutely stunning with a T-shirt. For a laid back look, you could wear the shirt over the palazzo trousers or tuck in only slightly. Ultimately you could tuck in the T-shirt into the palazzo for a more stylish look. With the right shoes, you can quickly go from casual to official.

6. With Ankara shirt or pants

So last but definitely not the least, you could wear your T-shirt with Ankara skirt or pants. This urban African look is absolutely gorgeous and can be worn to a variety of places on a variety of occasions. Matching the Ankara print with the colour of a plain T-shirt is always excellent and accessorising with statement neckpieces or earrings even more excellent.

That’s it, folks. The switch-up gist has come to an end for now even though it is a very wide topic and we have barely scratched the surface. Hopefully, we’d delve deeper and have more fun with it in the future but for now Adiós. You could let me know which of these styles you love the most and which you would definitely try out in the comments. Thanks for reading, until next time then.

Lots of love,

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