FASHION: How to dress for Your First Date

Hello friends. Happy new year and happy valentine’s day in arrears!

It’s valentine season and words like love, romance, flowers, chocolates parade my mind and I’m also thinking ‘dates’. What would the perfect first date be like? Now, while I can’t really give you dating advice in terms of what to say and how to act, I can, in fact, give you a few fashion tips guaranteed to ensure you slay on your date.

First dates in some ways are similar to interviews minus all the formality of course and just like you would dress to impress for an interview, you would do the same for your date. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a pantsuit or a suit and tie for your date, it just means you have to dress well and look good. First impressions go a long way especially if it’s a blind date and the way you dress and look go a long way in shaping that impression.

CLOTHING: When picking out what to wear for your date it helps a whole lot knowing where you are actually going to. Say for instance you are going to a fancy restaurant, you have to wear a fancy dinner gown for ladies and for men a tuxedo. If it’s somewhere casual like the park or the movies you could just go with a cute top or t-shirt and a very nice pair of jeans, you could add a denim or leather jacket to look more stylish. However, if you do not know where you are going, you can ask your date to give you an idea on how to dress and if you do not want to ask so as not to ruin the surprise in any way, you could just go with the classic and always stunning LBD or LWD ( little black or white dress)which all ladies must have in their closets. It’s an outfit that suits any outing, with the right accessories of course. For guys, you could wear a nice shirt and trousers and keep a good tie handy in case it’s somewhere fancy. 

A very important element when picking out what to wear on your date is comfort. First dates can get really awkward and a bit uncomfortable, the last thing you want is to regret putting on what you are wearing during the date. Don’t wear something too short if you are not going to be able to sit comfortably and if you’ll keep pulling it down because you’re embarrassed. Don’t wear something that keeps no secrets and shows off all the good assets God blessed you with, it could make you come off as thirsty and that is not an impression you want him to have on a first date. Wear clothing that suits the weather, you don’t want to be sweating like a Christmas goat wearing a turtle neck in a park under the scorching sun, you would be dripping but it’s the wrong type of drip.

SHOES: Shoes are more straightforward once you know what you are wearing and where you are going. If you’re wearing a cute top or shirt and jeans then you can wear sneakers or very nice sandals. If you don’t know where you are going you could wear flats or comfortable wedge heels. For a fancy dinner or party, however, you could wear high heels, they have a way of enhancing your shape and making one look sophisticated not to mention adding that sexy feel to the legs but don’t overdo it. Wear what you can handle so that you can have a good time. For men, wear sneakers if it’s a casual outing. You can wear brogues, Italian leather or any other fancy shoe if you are going somewhere fancy.

HAIR AND MAKEUP: Pack your hair if it’s going to disturb you, you wouldn’t want to eat your hair along with your meal and continue to try and brush it back in place if the wind keeps blowing it in your face, there are so many fun styles in which you can pack it. You could, of course, leave it down if you like it that way and it wouldn’t create a disturbance.

As for makeup, less of it makes more of a statement. Use products that enhance your natural beauty and wonderful facial features. I believe nude make up goes well on everyone. If it’s a glamorous outing then you could do a more glamorous makeup but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to look like a masquerade on your first date.

ACCESSORIES: It’s important to accessorise correctly. You don’t have to wear heavy earrings if they keep pulling on your earlobes and don’t allow you to move your head freely, even making it hard to laugh hard if you need to, remember comfort. Sometimes, a simple stud does the trick. If your dress has a lot of bead and stone embellishments you should also probably accessorise less. I love wristwatches, I believe they add sophistication to any look. However, if you are the type obsessed with checking the time, you might come off as rude and give your date the impression that you are not having a good time and can’t wait to leave so bracelets are your best go-to instead.

The most important thing when going on a first date is to be yourself. I believe everyone has a style, a certain kind of swagger. So incorporate your style into your look, be comfortable, have a good time and look good while doing it. Till next time then, plenty kisses.

– Amara

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