Six Stylish Ways to Wear your Plaid Shirt.

I’m so glad you made it to the Fashion column this week loves. I apologize for my absence last week, but I’m back now, so yay! Last time I wrote about switching it up, and now I’m taking it a step further by showing you six stylish ways you can wear your plaid shirt.

First off, if you don’t have a plaid shirt you should get one. I mean they are seriously stylish and never go out of style. What’s more? They are very versatile and can constitute an outfit for various occasions. Take Kate, for instance, Kate had a busy day. She got up early, said her prayers, brushed her teeth, ate cereal for breakfast, had her bath and then wore her favourite red plaid shirt;

  1. Tucked into a pair of jean trousers

So yeah, Kate decided she wanted to look simple and chic so she tucked in her plaid shirt into her favourite pair of jeans, wore some light makeup and light accessories, put on a pair of comfortable shoes and rolled up the sleeves of the shirt and she was set and ready to go to school, her goal clearly met.”Good morning Kate, you look nice as always”, Sarah greeted as she sat beside Kate, her bestie in the lecture theatre. “Good morning Sarah, you look nice too”, Kate responded.” Good morning, beautiful.” Sam, Kate’s boyfriend greeted as he took her hand and pecked it while taking a seat on the other empty chair beside her. Kate smiled and greeted him back. Clearing her throat Sarah asked, ” So I’m not beautiful enough to greet, Sam?” ” Of course you are. Good morning Sarah”, he replied chuckling and the ladies joined in. Just then, the professor walked in and the lecture commenced.

2. Over a camisole.

It was a free period and Kate decided to go to the library to catch up on her studies. While studying she started to feel somewhat uncomfortable. She tried to focus on what she was reading but it seemed the atmosphere was inconducive. It was hot, she had started to sweat and the air conditioner wasn’t functioning properly. If only she could just open up her shirt for some bit of fresh air. But wait, she can! so she went to the restroom and untucked her shirt and opened up the buttons. Thank God she wore her white camisole underneath. She tied her hair up in a ponytail to allow her some more fresh air and so the look changed but this look was still simple and cute.

3.As an off the shoulder shirt.

After the last lecture of the day Kate had to go to a studio to meet her friend Veronica in the sales of jewellery for a photoshoot session. Veronica had asked Kate to model some of her merchandise especially the neckpieces and Kate gladly accepted, for her it was a privilege. At the studio, Veronica had a makeup artist glam Kate up and after a couple of shots Veronica decided they needed to style Kate’s outfit differently so she decided an off the shoulder style would do the trick and so Kate left the first four buttons undone and tilted the top of the shirt so that it laid off her shoulders and then she buttoned the remaining buttons. This is a cute street style, it is flattering because it shows off the neckline thus making it the perfect style to advertise Veronica’s neckpieces and it’s just an overall playful, girly, beautiful style.

4.With ends tied

Kate was to meet up with boo for lunch after the photo shoot so she decided to switch the off the shoulder style to a tied end style. This she did by unbuttoning the shirt, wearing it the normal way, straight and upright and then buttoning it from up-down, leaving the last two or three buttons undone and then taking the ends of both sides of the shirt and tying it together.

5. Tucked into a skirt

After lunch, Sam took Kate to her apartment so she could change and they could attend the evening service together. Kate was a chorister in the church and she was to sing a solo in today’s evening service. Of course, she wanted to look modest and well put together so she decided to go official wearing her plaid shirt tucked into a black leather skirt and accessorising with a statement necklace. She blessed the congregation with her song, her voice and her style.

6. With a sweater

Getting back from Service, Kate quickly made and ate dinner after which she drifted into a slumber that lasted three hours. She had agreed to meet up with some course mates for a group discussion and deliberation on their presentation next week. This night was the only time all of them would be free at the same time. It was 10:45 pm when she woke, the meeting was slated for 11pm on campus and was to take place all night, or at least until when deliberation was complete. She wanted to have a bath but then she’d get to the meeting late and being the group leader, it would not speak well of her so she simply washed her face. It was a chilly night so she switched out her skirt for the jeans she had worn that day and wore a sweater over her plaid shirt making sure to fold the end of the sleeves over the sleeve of the sweater. After checking out her stylish night look in the mirror, she headed out.

You see how my fictional Kate wore the same shirt in six ways in just one day right! she could have worn completely different outfits for the photoshoot and to church but that would mean more clothes to wash on laundry day ( just throwing this in), and to think there are even more styles asides these you can try out, it’s amazing. You don’t have to wear all styles in just one day like Kate though, just switch it up once in a while, go with the flow depending on your mood, the occasion and where you are going, make the most out of your beautiful plaid shirt. Do take these styles into consideration and rock them. I’ll be bringing you another set of the switch up tips next time. Till then, stay safe.

Lots of love,

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