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Hi lovelies! thanks for making it to the fashion column this week! We talked about turban styles the last time and how much of a life saver they were, I hope we all now own one or two, you never know when they’ll come in handy!
This week, it’s going to be all about slaying the geek look! Fashion is a means of expression, an art in fact, and being able to portray different personalities with how you look is just genius!
What exactly is sexy about being a geek? The two different personalities between the person wearing the glasses and the person without the glasses or what? I think it’s the uniqueness it brings to your style. Dressing up as a chic geek has a certain allure cos it’s not a regular look you get to see everyday… So be ready to give your fashion style a little twist and be creative while at it.
The chic geek season is back and the best ways to pull it off are with skinny Jeans, skater skirts or shorts. You obviously can’t pull off geek without beautiful reading glasses and brogues. Another way is to Pair fashionable black skinny jeans with a crisp polka dot shirt and a white cardigan. Top off the look with classic, black, patent brogues and a clutch bag Plus cat frames and you’re good to go.
If you have never tried this look before, this week is definitely the time to do so! Have a swell week… Xoxo


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